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Watch: Victoria Jackson On Fox Supports Bachmann, Attacks Gay Marriage

by David Badash on December 7, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,Celebrities,Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for Watch: Victoria Jackson On Fox Supports Bachmann, Attacks Gay Marriage

Victoria Jackson, the former Saturday Night Live star whom all of America thought was just portraying stupid characters, ever since joining the Tea Party has made us realize art imitates life, not vice versa. Speaking on Fox and Friends this morning, Jackson continued to baffle Americans — or, at least, thinking Americans — and used the opportunity to plug her new movie on heterosexual marriage while attacking same-sex marriage equality. She also rattled off bullet points of why Michele Bachmann is her “girl.”

Those bullet points include “kill Obamacare, kill it,” and that Bachmann “never wavers,” and she “believes in the Bible.”

Jackson also threw her support to Rick Santorum, but said she would support any candidate who is not Obama.

Like most Tea Party members, Jackson admits she was never political and never voted until Barack Obama ran for office. (Also, like most Tea Party members, she’s an anti-gay homophobe.) Of course, it’s not that he’s black that this largely middle-aged and older, mostly white crowd entered extreme right-wing political activism. Oh, no!

As Jackson, the perfect spokesperson for the Tea Party explains, “When a Communist ran for President, I suddenly said, wait a minute, he’s a Marxist, wait a minute!”

Jackson says she started searching (for what, god only knows) and is “horrified,” because, of course everything you read on the Internet is true…

Jackson, in perhaps her best line since delivering slapstick on Weekend Update, says, “Very few people in America are informed & educated as I am…”

But towards the end of the segment, Jackson says she’s so happy that Christians are now hiring her, and falsely states the Left makes it impossible to get work as an actor these days if you’re a conservative. If you’ll return later today, we’ll prove she’s lying.

Our thanks to Media Matters for the clip.

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