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Watch This Beautiful Coming Out Video That Got A Teen Death Threats

by David Badash on February 5, 2014

in Coming Out,News

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Ryan Eichenauer late last year recorded this beautiful coming out video. The high school senior wanted to share his “great battle” with his friends and wanted to thank all those who have supported him on his journey.

In “A Message To All,” Eichenauer says he doesn’t believe in labels and that “people like who they like and they don’t need to clarify that for anyone.”

“I have and always will have an attraction to girls, but lately it’s been different. You see, lately I’ve been finding safety in other people, but those people weren’t girls.”

Eichenauer says that he wasn’t comfortable dating other guys and believed, “if I ran from it long enough, hid it long enough, and refused to acknowledge it for long enough I could force myself to be otherwise. But there was no escaping, no negotiating with the feeling, no choice.”

He says his secret was holding him down and “preventing me from being the amazing guy I want to be.”

“I’m choosing to live authentically, and I will not accept anyone’s definition of my life. Rather, I will define myself. I don’t like the term ‘coming out’ because I’m not coming out. I am letting the world in.”

Watch Eichenauer’s beautiful and heart-warming story.

Fast forward to now. Eichenauer has received two religion-steeped typewritten death threats at school.

Thanks, Ryan, for your bravery and your courage to speak up and speak out. You’re a wonderful role model for all.

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colonelkira February 5, 2014 at 3:41 pm

Not coming out…….not being defined……..dont need to clarify for anybody……….MUST be explained and publicised in a youtube video though?

Oh brother…….save us from this generation of self important wannabes…….

Heyim1also February 10, 2014 at 9:34 am

HeY asshole…that's a lot of thumbs down !! :)

tattoozntech February 6, 2014 at 12:55 am

bravo to him. couldn't have been easy. choice & timing was his to make, or to never make. happy he made it, & hopefully even just one person out there going through hell because of the ignorance that surrounds them, will see this & decide not to become another statistic, but to fight on, & break out of that environment, to forge their own future, and surround themselves by supportive, accepting people.

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