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Watch: Fox News Kicks Invited Atheist Off Show (Video)

by David Badash on December 15, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,Discrimination,News

Post image for Watch: Fox News Kicks Invited Atheist Off Show (Video)

Eric Bolling at Fox News Business didn’t like the comments a spokesperson for an atheist group was making, and kicked him off the show. So much for fair and balanced…

Fox characterized the Freedom From Religion Foundation as a Wisconsin group, which is accurate only if you characterize Fox News as a New York group. When their representative, Dan Barker, said that it was an insult to say that Jesus died for our sins, and created a hell, Bolling kicked him off the show.

Then, Bolling talks to Rep. Louie Gohmert, one of the strangest and most offensive Representatives in Congress.

First two minutes are background on the case. Bolling kicks atheist Dan Barker off starting at 4:45.

By the way, Bolling is infamous for claiming falsely, that California’s LGBT History law, SB-45, would, “force schools to teach that “George Washington was a homosexual,” and — get this – America was “safe between 2000 and 2008 — I don’t remember any terrorist attacks on American soil during that period of time.”

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Mykelbarber December 15, 2011 at 12:04 pm

Nothing the 1% on Faux News do or say surprises me any longer. The arrogant children they put on air are bloviating fools with no facts, no compassion, no patience, no journalistic background and no integrity.

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