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Watch: Dan Savage Explains Mitt Romney Is 100% Anti-Gay And A Homophobe

by David Badash on September 21, 2012

in Celebrities,News,Politics

Post image for Watch: Dan Savage Explains Mitt Romney Is 100% Anti-Gay And A Homophobe

Dan Savage told John Fugelsang that Mitt Romney is 100% anti-gay and a homophobe. “I think he’s 100% anti-gay. I don’t make a distinction between an honest bigot and a dishonest bigot, the bigotry’s just the same,” Savage says, adding, “his policies are homophobic by my estimation.”

“Is Mitt Romney really anti-gay or just 47% anti-gay,”  Fugelsang asks Savage, to which he responds, “whether someone punches you in the nose because they really hate you or they punch you in the nose because they want to impress people who hate you, you still the broken goddamn nose.”

Savage was speaking on Current TV’s to “Say Anything!” guest host John Fugelsang, sitting in for  Joy Behar.

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roacilynn3 September 21, 2012 at 12:14 pm

He is…I don't know why he just can't be honest about it. When Obama ran four years ago, he said straight out, "I believe marriage should be between a man and woman." I respect his honestly. I don't think he thought we were disgusting and disliked us. It was just his thoughts. We're all entitled to our own opinions, just as long as we respect each other. Romney, it's clear as day how he sees gays/lesbians… it's like how he feels about the poor…useless nobody's.

Huntercgo September 22, 2012 at 7:02 am

Romney can't be "honest about it" because he's stuck between the primary and a general campaign — gotta keep throwing red meet to the base because they're kind of leery of him already, but you can't do it too obviously or the "independents" will get turned off.

Also, given his performance so far as a candidate, I'd guess he's not able to be honest about anything, perhaps because if he were, he show himself to be a petty, self-absorbed sociopath.

Alex_Parrish September 21, 2012 at 1:38 pm

Dan — you hit the nail right on the head. I was it was the homophobic R'money you had hit in the head instead.

LOrion September 21, 2012 at 4:16 pm

OKAY … d***** it. Whole clip is not avaiable. He was on for 10 minutes! Good snappy discussion entire way through. That is good point in clip about you can't be a 'partial' homophobe…

I was also moved by his acknowledging that the dinner with Brian Brown of NOM had him upset for days. For two reasons, not for discussions, that went as 'assumed.' But, one, Brown came out in front of hubby and son saying he didn't think son should be living with them! Secondly, he really hadn't thought Brian would accept the invitation, so he didn't clear it with hubby first..that got him in hot water and/or doghouse and/or on couch for a few days!

Then both he and John get to rapid fire discussion about American Right Wing EvangelicalChristians.. now being almost completely selfdefined by being GAY HATERS, period. Nothing about WWJD or helping others or taking care of their own morals or ethics. I mean look at Bristol Palin sitll being paid as a single mother to sell abstinaance! Talk about hypocrisy!!

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