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Watch: ‘Concerned Minnesotan Father’ Says Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Increases AIDS

by David Badash on March 12, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,News,Politics

Post image for Watch: ‘Concerned Minnesotan Father’ Says Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Increases AIDS

Mike Frey, a “concerned Minnesotan and father,” stood in front of Minnesota House committee members today and spun a ridiculous tale that amounted to the very false insinuation that same-sex marriage causes or increases the incidence of AIDS, including the false concept that repeated anal intercourse is the cause of AIDS.

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“My name is Mike Frey. I speak as a concerned Minnesotan father and husband. And the thing about same sex marriage is that, people who are married, do have sex. And when same-sex people are married, they do have sex, there’s something called sodomy. Sodomy defined in Minnesota is sex by or with the mouth or through the anus. When there is ejaculation into a vagina, there is a barrier there, as in your packet it states there, of a cellular tissue that doesn’t allow the sperm — that has an enzyme at the head of it, to penetrate the blood flow. It is designed to go to the egg — that enzyme is designed to burn the outside membrane of the egg cell — go inside the egg, and then deposit the DNA. We call that conception.”

When ejaculation occurs inside of a colon it is a highly absorbent material, the cells do not have a barrier for the sperm and those enzymes to enter into the bloodflow. When the enzymes enter into the bloodflow and a continued, prolonged, um, environment to that happens these enzymes into bloodflow it causes what we know as AIDS — acquired immune deficiency syndrome. AIDS of course brings on common diseases, colds and things, and it magnifies them to a point where it’s unhealthy. Not only does it strengthen the disease within the carrier of AIDS — the person that has a destroyed immune system — but it also strengthens the disease that can be spread to the society at large.

There is an example in Los Angeles County, California, where among the gay community a rash almost like boils, and a very raw skin broke out on the hands, feet, butt, mouth of these gay communities and they couldn’t find a cure for it for a long time. Their doctors called the Centers for Disease Control and they couldn’t find this cure for it. The cure they found, a very extrenuous [sic] antibiotic, was Zyvox. It cost $2,400 for one course of use.

I urge you to vote against the changes inside this bill, because it’s going to put a health risk for the society at large and it’s going to put a financial burden on the people of Minnesota to be able to support all the diseases that will come out of this.

Frey of course has all of his facts wrong, and likely has been trolling the Internet, clearly looking at AIDS denialists’ websites.

Mr. Frey is welcome to contact us and we can point him to factual information about same-sex marriage and HIV/AIDS, which have nothing to do with each other. We can help Mr. Frey understand that, just as with straight couples, marriage increases the likelihood of monogamy, which would actually decrease the incidence of sexually-transmitted diseases. We can then share with him where babies come from, too.

Transcriot via Aaron Rupar of Minnesota CityPages Blogs

Video hat tip: Towleroad

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Dwere March 12, 2013 at 2:55 pm

How did this dork get put in front of a mic to begin with?

JeffFeldman March 12, 2013 at 4:37 pm

Uh, if these are his beliefs, you would think he would advocate FOR monogamous same-sex relationships, not against them. Does he think unmarried gays don't have sex?

Mykelbarber March 13, 2013 at 1:18 am

What you need to share with him is the address of the nearest psychiatrist for some intensive 5 day a week talk therapy and a lithium drip.

Cyn1171 March 13, 2013 at 2:33 am

Wow. He's just *so* wrong on so many levels. Anyone working in HIV care/prevention/research that heard his outlandish testimony must have been screaming at the television, heck, I'm not in HIV care/prevention/research and I was screaming at the monitor as I watched the video. Lack of sexual education (most importantly) and restricted access to condoms and testing are what contribute to increases in the numbers of HIV/AIDS cases – in both men and women, hetero- or homosexual. It's probably worth noting that he's in Michelle Bauchmann country up there in Minnesota, and she's the self-appointed heath expert that spouted off about the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer causing autism. It's like it just doesn't matter if what they are saying is totally wrong scientifically, as long as they say it's true it's gospel to be shared to the masses.

pwrblnc March 13, 2013 at 3:02 pm

Ignorance is bliss. It's only going to get worse if we don't get our schools up to date. WOW

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