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Watch: After Election, Fox News Focusing On Holiday Doom And Gloom

by David Badash on November 23, 2012

in News

Post image for Watch: After Election, Fox News Focusing On Holiday Doom And Gloom

The folks at Fox News seem to be having a tough time getting over the Romney loss, so what better way to show your love for the American people by trying to scare them to death? Or, at least, do you best to make sure they’re as depressed as you are?

“In the days before Thanksgiving, Fox filled its shows with dire, sometimes terrifying segments about all the threats surrounding the merriest season of the year,” Talking Points Memo reports:

There’s the eradication of free speech by atheist “loons,” the possibility of choking on our food, the diseases spread on airplanes, and the endless depression that comes from Christmas commercials.

If we even make it to Christmas, that is. Fox’s morning man Bill Hemmer charted the possibility that the “apocalypse” would arrive on Dec. 22, and just how sad it will be when we all get wiped out, leaving all those unopened presents under the tree.

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BJLincoln November 23, 2012 at 10:24 am

Thank you. Now I will go hide in my hole until it's all over. LOL

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