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Walmart Shooters Who Left 5 Dead Had Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, Tea Party, Bundy Ranch Ties

by David Badash on June 9, 2014

in News

Post image for Walmart Shooters Who Left 5 Dead Had Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, Tea Party, Bundy Ranch Ties

Sunday’s suicide pact shooters who targeted and shot to death two Las Vegas police officers, an armed bystander, and took their own lives at a local Walmart reportedly had various right-wing ties. Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, Tea Party, and Bundy ranch clues are being uncovered in the aftermath of the tragic shooting.

In an extensive investigation, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the two shooters “were a married couple thought to be in their late 20s who were new to the Las Vegas Valley, according to a law enforcement official close to the investigation. Police are looking into their links to the white supremacy movement and found swastika symbols during their initial investigation.”

Several neighbors identified the man as Jared, while one called the woman Amanda.

Like many of the neighbors contacted, Krista Koch said she didn’t know the couple’s last names. She described them as “militant.” They talked about planning to kill police officers, “going underground” and not coming out until the time was right to kill.

“The man told [neighbor Brandon] Monroe he had been kicked off Cliven Bundy’s ranch 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas while people from throughout the U.S. gathered there in protest of a Bureau of Land Management roundup of Bundy’s cattle.” Jessica Anderson, 27, said. She lived next door.

“Residents at an apartment complex where it appeared the two lived together said they had a reputation for spouting racist, anti-government views, bragging about their gun collection and boasting that they’d spent time at Cliven Bundy’s ranch during a recent standoff there between armed militia members and federal government agents,” the Las Vegas Sun reports.

The duo also told people they planned to commit a mass shooting, said Brandon Moore, a resident of the complex.

“They were handing out white-power propaganda and were talking about doing the next Columbine,” Moore said.

gadsdenThere are many reports that the shooters warned of an impending “revolution.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal states:

Witnesses told police one of the shooters yelled “This is the start of a revolution” before shooting the officers. Gillespie later said he could not confirm that.

The shooters then stripped the officers of their weapons and ammunition and badges, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation. They then covered the officers with something that featured the Gadsden flag, a yellow banner with a coiled snake above the words, “Don’t tread on Me.”

The flag is named for Christopher Gadsden a Revolutionary War general who designed it. It has recently come back in vogue as an adopted symbol of the American tea party movement.

Las Vegas police are still investigating, and have over 1000 witnesses.

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LOrion June 9, 2014 at 11:09 am

And not one of those neighbors reported the threats to police or FBI even on Anonymous tip line?! Quite a meu orthodox!

Bose_in_SP_MN June 9, 2014 at 2:37 pm

The early reporting incriminates the next-door (in an adjoining apartment, apparently) as accepting a box of documents from the terrorists and being told by them at 4am Sunday that cops were going to die that die. Unless it emerges that this person also notified authorities, that's grounds for accessory charges as much as having dinner with the Tsaernev brothers after the Boston bombings.

But, incredibly, incompetently worse is that the male was on camera, accurately named at the Cliven Bundy stand-off. The same FBI which infiltrates peace groups and charges a sexual assault victim with felony assault for appropriately elbowing the assailant behind her apparently, at least from what is known so far, doesn't find it worthwhile to follow known, named, heavily armed assailants-in-training, reading their facebook posts or quietly getting to know their neighbors. How hard could it possibly be to infiltrate the Bundy militia and pay special attention to crackpots in its midst who get bounced out for being too extreme?

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