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Video: Report On NC Amendment One Shows What Politics-Fueled Anti-Gay Hate Looks Like

by David Badash on May 7, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,Discrimination,Legislation,News,Politics

Post image for Video: Report On NC Amendment One Shows What Politics-Fueled Anti-Gay Hate Looks Like

This video report by the AP shows what politics-fueled antigay hate looks like in North Carolina, just hours away from voting on the anti-gay marriage Amendment One. What’s striking is the ignorance and hate that has enveloped ordinary citizens, most of whom, studies show, don’t actually understand what Amendment One actually does. Currently, polls say gay rights supporters will lose tomorrow, possibly by a margin as large as 16%, thanks to assaults by religious institutions, anti-gay hate groups, and a coordinated effort within North Carolina’s churches.

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Many are familiar with some of the anti-gay rhetoric that has filled houses of worship, like that of Pastor Sean Harris, who advocated for parents to “punch” children as young as four years old if they suspect their toddlers, children, or teens might be gay or lesbian.

Not as many watched the video of another Pastor, who last week asked parishioners, “what is stopping [pro-gay politicians] from refining marriage as between a person and a beast? We’re not far from that.”

In this video, one man says he “saw the picture from Iowa where the legislature voted for gay marriage there and I saw two little girls jumping up and down with two lesbian women and that’s when I realized our greatest danger is to change the marriage laws.”

The Legislature in Iowa did not vote for same-sex marriage –the Iowa Supreme Court ruled banning same-sex couples from the institution of marriage was unconstitutional. A good indication of how ill-informed, mis-informed, and just plain ignorant the citizenry voting for Amendment One truly are — thanks to a wide coalition of anti-gay politicians and religious leaders.

The AP notes that North Carolina voters “head to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to ban gay marriage in the state constitution. Both sides claim God is on their side.” I’m not so sure that’s accurate — anti-Amendment One activists and supporters merely state that Amendment One is hateful, poorly written, far too broad, and will affect all unmarried families — not just those of LGBT peoples.

Jeremy Hooper from Good As You writes, “I applaud the Associated Press for this report, which really gives good insight into how personal, religious, and downright hostile the other side has been in North Carolina.”

Hat tip: Towleroad

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{ 1 comment }

j bengel May 7, 2012 at 4:28 pm

…“head to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to ban gay marriage in the state constitution." And this has been one of the big hurdles to overcome all along. Supporters of the amendment have playing it as an up-or-down referendum on whether or not to ban gay marriage all along. And it goes far beyond that. Research indicates that a majority of voters in the state are opposed to marriage for gay couples, but about the same majority favor SOME sort of recognized legal union — which the amendment would also ban. But with half or more of the news stories you hear or see leading with "ban on gay marriage", the media have — by accident or design — reinforced the perception that a "no" vote is a vote in favor of marriage equality. Since state statute ALREADY bans same sex marriage, the amendment does nothing toward that end except force the issue to be decided in federal court — one of the things supporters claim to be trying to avoid.

Good grief, white guilt was bad enough but now I have to live with straight guilt and male guilt too… (That was a JOKE, okay, don't get upset.) And trying to read the tea leaves in early voting turnouts… well, you may as well consult the magic 8-ball. We won't know anything until Wednesday. But some pretty smart people think there's a chance to pull off an upset and defeat this atrocity. I sure hope they're right.

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