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Post image for US Catholic Bishops: ENDA ‘Legally Affirms’ Adultery, Gay Marriage, Threatens Religious Liberty

US Catholic Bishops: ENDA ‘Legally Affirms’ Adultery, Gay Marriage, Threatens Religious Liberty

by David Badash on November 5, 2013

in ENDA,News,Religion

All but directly defying Pope Francis‘s new approach and message of love and affirmation, Cardinal Timothy Dolan‘s United States Conference of Catholic Bishops sent a letter to the U.S. Senate last week attacking ENDA. The USCCB then followed up yesterday with a press release reminding the Senate of its “serious concerns.”

The Bishops were very clear. Sort of.

“All people are created in the image and likeness of God and thus possess an innate human dignity that must be acknowledged and respected by other persons and by law,” the letter, signed by three of the Catholic Church’s notorious homophobes reads. “No one should be an object of scorn, hatred, or violence for any reason, including his or her sexual inclinations.”

Yes, discrimination is wrong — unless it’s against gay people, the Bishops essentially posit.

So, according to the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ logic, this means that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act “does not justly advance the dignity of all workers and authentic non-discrimination,” because, God.

ENDA, apparently, the Bishops claim, “elevates ‘sexual orientation’ discrimination … to the same and, until now unique, level as race discrimination, and above religion, sex, and national origin discrimination.”

ENDA, apparently, contains too “vague” a “definition of ‘sexual orientation,’” that “would encompass sexual conduct outside of marriage, thus legally affirming and specially protecting that conduct.”

ENDA would “legally affirm and specially protect” adultery?

Who thinks like this?

ENDA, they claim, “could be used to punish as discrimination what many religions – including the Catholic religion – teach, particularly moral teaching about same-sex sexual conduct.”

It therefore, they claim, “threatens religious liberty.”

Except that ENDA does not apply to churches. (But maybe it’s about time that the religious right loses the right to — in the public square — tell gay people they’re going to hell?)

Of course, the worst part of all, ENDA “would be invoked by federal courts to support the claim that, as a matter of federal constitutional right, marriage must be redefined to include two persons of the same sex.”

God forbid.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on ENDA

Hat tip: Wonkette

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RRuinsky November 5, 2013 at 12:44 pm

Hmmm, it didn't bother child rapist lover Dolan to sign all those checks to pay off child rapist priests when he was in the Milwaukee diocese. But this is a problem. Dolan is scum.

matt November 5, 2013 at 1:27 pm

just because a minority finally gains the rights that you have enjoyed for so long doesnt mean you are at risk of losing the rights you have always had

rubellapox November 5, 2013 at 1:27 pm

these men should be ashamed of themselves.. the catholic church should not be dictating morality for anyone.. they have participated in or allowed much evil and wrongdoing under their watch in the last two thousand years.. how dare they claim the higher moral ground.. shame on them….

sdfrenchie November 5, 2013 at 1:36 pm

The new Pope fired the Archbishop and turned his mansion over to a place for feeding and taking care of the poor. He can clean these guys out, too, if he wishes. They're not very smart to go against the Holy See with their backward, ignorant thought processes.

SeanLiberty13 November 5, 2013 at 4:34 pm

Nope. Pay taxes moochers of STFU.

What the church teaches is irrelevant to American SECULAR Constitutional law – see first amendment – which applies to people who do not and BY LAW do not have to and cannot be forced to adhere to your religious beliefs and definitions. Every single American has to adhere to American laws regardless of their race, gender, orientation, nationality, age, ability, spiritual belief or political affiliation where as NOBODY has to adhere to the church's teaching not even those who identify as Catholic because their first amendment rights trump the Bishops demands. FACT OF LAW. You own and control NOBODY and NOTHING but your own worthless existence and private property (buildings) U.S. Catholic Bigots – I mean Bishops. Get over it, you have NO power here. NONE! You do not provide one f@#king cent in contributions to this country, but LGBT people do. Therefore the government is required BY LAW to listen to us – their employers – over you. The tax payers Constitutional rights trump your teachings and your religion stops at you and cannot and will not interfere in MY life. Deal with it or move to the Vatican.

P.S. The Pope told you to stop.

rockettman November 7, 2013 at 2:11 am

O M FREAKING God! They are STILL trying to pull this 15th century horse shit! If they had their way we'd all have to give 100% of our income to them, they'd start witch hunts all over again! I am soooo tired of their bullshit I honestly want every single church in the world burned to the ground! I want every bilble, every scroll, every book that has anything to do with religion of any kind burned! I want the virus, the scurge, the infestation that is religion wiped from the face of the Earth! I am sick Sick SICK to death oof their self righteous, sanctimonious bullshit! The sooner we pop that zit the sooner we can heal and move in with our lives without having to drag their dead weight!


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