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  • Watch: Jimmy Fallon Does Trump - Complete With Cardboard Chris Christie

    The one good thing about a Donald Trump presidency could be Jimmy Fallon - who has the Donald down.  

    The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon slathered on about a gallon of pumpkin-shaded makeup, got himself a lifesize Chris Christie cardboard wingman, and heartlessly mocked the Super Tuesday victory speech delivered by the real Donald Trump with the real Christie behind him, looking like a man waiting on a colonoscopy. 

    “I’ll admit, I didn’t win every state," Fallon channeled Trump's unique style of braggadocio. “I only got 27 percent of the vote in Texas. But remember, everything is bigger in Texas, so 27% is actually more like 6o%, so basically I won Texas. As for Oklahoma, look at it. It looks like a Trump wig that Texas is wearing, so I basically won there, too."

    Fallon even hits on Trump's love affair with the KKK - Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian.

    Have a laugh on Donald Trump: 


    Photo is a screenshot from the Tonight Show via YouTube


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