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  • Watch Live: Protesters Block Road To Trump Rally

    Protesters at the Trump rally in Arizona have obstructed the entrance road, in defiance of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's threat to jail them in his infamous tent city.

    Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz are locked in a pitched battle for Arizona, ahead of the state's Primary, March 22. 

    Trump is holding a rally in Phoenix this afternoon, which has attracted an overflow crowd. The sheer number of cars caused stop and go traffic, which made it possible for Anti-Trump protesters to obstruct the road into the rally venue, even though Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is a Trump supporter, has threatened to arrest any protester who breaks the law and incarcerate him in his "tent city" jail. 

    "Here I’m gonna be kinda wearing two hats," Sheriff Arpaio told POLITICO, "in charge of the security there in the town and also participating, I would imagine, with Trump in the rally, so it makes it interesting. (It) “is going to be a lot of fun taking care of business there."

    Temperatures are expected to be in the 90s today, which means tempers will be short. You can watch the Arizona rally and the protest in real time below, plus the anti-Trump protest in New York below: 




    Photo is from ABC 15 via YouTube



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    • commented 2016-03-19 16:35:34 -0400
      Blocking the entrance to the building acceptable. Blocking the road, throw them in jail. Very clear line, morons.

    • commented 2016-03-19 15:14:02 -0400
      I’m refusing to watch tRump, and went back to the blocking of roads to the tRump hate rally, I love it! That was pretty well planned out.

    • commented 2016-03-19 13:43:58 -0400
      GOP heterosex-supremacists are like rats on a sinking ship, the S.S. GreedyOldPrejudiced (no insult intended for rats).

      Rev. Timmy Welcome VIDEO: https://youtu.be/9AXVqesuXHk

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