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  • Watch: President Obama Shows Off His Comedic Talent For The People Of Cuba

    President Obama taped a comedy skit with Cuban TV icon Pánfilo Friday, introducing his lighter side to the people of Cuba ahead of his trip to that country today.  

    President Obama leaves for Cuba today, the first president to visit the Communist nation in almost a century. 

    Ahead of that historic trip, President Obama slipped into his Comedian-in-Chief role, appearing in a short skit with Pánfilo, a bumbling character played by comic Luis Silva, who often uses biting humor to highlight the failings of Cuba's government. Pánfilo is wildly popular in Cuba, with more than two-thirds of Cuban households tuning in to his weekly comedy TV show. 

    In their three minute comedy bit, which was posted on the American Embassy's Facebook page, the maladroit Pánfilo phones the White House to check the weather for an upcoming baseball game and is surprised when President Obama himself answers the phone. 

    Pánfilo and President Obama discuss the latter's upcoming Cuba visit, with Pánfilo offering to pick the Obamas up from the airport if they need a ride, and put them up, if they need a place to stay. "We are very hospitable,' Pánfilo tells the president, assuring the leader of the free world that in Cuba he will have a good time having a beer and playing dominos.

    Here are President and Luis Silva as Pánfilo: 


    Photo is a screenshot from the YouTube Video

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