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    New Polls Show Trump Tanking With Women - Even Republicans

    “Half of the reason why I’m fighting so hard to stop Donald Trump is because I think he’s a walking, talking stereotype of a sexist misogynistic pig.” GOP Strategist Katie Packer 

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    The establishment branch of the GOP may have finally found the Kryptonite they've been searching for to bring down Donald Trump. While many an opponent has tried and failed, recent polls show that Trump is now alienating women voters at an such an impressive clip that Democrats have begun to dream of an election day rout. 

    "Democrats here in Washington look at the Senate map, they look at gubernatorial races and even the House," The Washington Post's Robert Costa told Chris Matthews on Hardball Friday. "Even the House of Representatives, which most people didn't think months ago would be up, and competitive, now Democrats believe privately, and some of them publicly, that if Trump becomes the nominee, and he turns off women to the extent that he does in this current NBC poll, new places could be in play than they ever thought."

    The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll to which Mr. Costa referred shows 70% of women have a negative view of Trump, with 47% of Republican women unable to imagine themselves ever voting for the Apprentice star. That NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has Hillary Clinton beating Trump among women 58%-31%.

    And the NBC poll is not the only one showing Trump's numbers among women are deflating. A Washington Post-ABC News poll taken this month shows Trump's unfavorability number with women hovering around 75%, a decrease of 10 points in the last three months. That same Washington Post poll shows that in the states that have voted so far, Trump received an average of 34% of the Republican female vote.

    heidi_cruz_women_against_trump.jpgAlso confirming the Trump slide with women is a brand new CNN poll released Thursday, which found that 73% of registered female voters in the United States had an unfavorable view of Trump. This was in line with a Reuters poll from last week, that reported more than half of American women hold a “very unfavorable” view of Trump.

    All of these polls were taken before Trump and arch-rival Ted Cruz spent the week mired in the mud name-calling and sparring over their wives. That embarrassing episode led another anti-Trump GOP group, Women Against Trump, to begin a campaign in support of Heidi Cruz who was attacked by Trump.

    It certainly appears there is a obvious path to beat Trump: let Trump be Trump.

    “Donald Trump has no ability to defeat Hillary Clinton” complained Katie Packer, a former top aide to Mitt Romney who runs the main anti-Trump group, Our Principles PAC. That group released an anti-Trump ad this week that featured women quoting some of the offensive things Trum has said about - and to - women. "The math is not there," insisted Ms. Packer:

    “Mitt Romney lost women 56 to 44 percent. Donald Trump is losing women 68 to 32 percent. The unfortunately reality for Donald Trump is if he wanted to be president, he should have run in 1904 — before women had the right to vote and before minorities had the right to vote.” 

    Ms. Packer echoed Robert Costa's report that Trump's standing with women could put the Senate and even the House in play.

    “Hillary Clinton is very, very vulnerable among this group of women that she needs to have as her base: independent women, and soft Republican women, Ms. Packer observed. "She’s very vulnerable with them today. Should we nominate Donald Trump, they will flock to her because they see him as someone who’s repulsive. And it’s not just about so-called ‘women’s issues,’ it’s about how he values women and about how he’s willing to make women feel to benefit himself.”

    One last thought. Women Against Trump posted a map of what the electoral college would look like if women refused to vote for Trump. It's positively delicious. 








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