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  • New Hillary Clinton Ad Tugs At The Heartstrings

    A new ad released ahead of tomorrow's Nevada Caucuses shows Hillary Clinton comforting a young girl worried about her parents being deported. Hillary tells her, "let me do the worrying."

    The Clinton campaign has released a new ad aimed at the hearts of Latinos, especially those living in Nevada. While the intended audience might have been the large Hispanic population who might be persuaded to caucus for Sec. Clinton, this ad, entitled "Brave" is sure to hit home with mothers and grandmothers of all kinds. 

    The ad highlights Hillary's promise to fix the immigration system that leaves millions of children living 24/7 with the fear of losing their parents to La Migra. But it also reveals a human truth, the cuddle and the comfort that Hillary was able to show the young girl is unlikely to come about with any other candidate - yes, even Bernie Sanders. Cuddly is just not his strong suit. 

    Though the ad was not meant to appeal to women, it will certainly remind voters just having a woman in the White House will change so many things. Have a look. 



    Photo is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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    • commented 2016-02-19 16:57:53 -0500
      With more dislikes than likes and comments disabled, I don’t think you are accurately describing the reaction one gets when viewing this tripe. And as usual, your bias is showing.

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