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  • Jack And George, Together 55 Years, Celebrate Their First Valentine's Day As A Married Couple

    Video: A new ad for Sweethearts - those iconic Valentine conversation heart candies - features the sweetest hearts ever: newlyweds George and Jack. 

    Necco, the makers of Sweethearts candy, has released a new web ad just in time for Valentine's Day.

    The ad features Jack and George, a gay couple who have been together 55 years. Thanks to the Supreme Court Obergefell decision last June, the life partners are spending their first Valentine's Day together as a married couple. 

    "If he’s not there, I can’t go to sleep," Jack confesses. "If he’s not around, I don’t know what to do."

    Necco CEO Michael McGee told AdWeek the as was completely unscripted.

    "We spent the day with them in their home and got to know them," said McGee. "We just kind of rolled the camera and let them tell their story. When you see how they interact with each other—their strength, their genuineness, their commitment to each other—they are just so endearing."

    Have a smile on Jack and George: 


    Photo is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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    • commented 2016-02-03 00:40:18 -0500
      Not only is their relationship story historic, but their work in building gay and lesbian organizations in Dallas and Texas over those many years is astonishing. Jack and George have been part of the founding and nurturing and supporting of one group after another, year after year, decade after decade, to the point that one cannot envision what our North Texas community would look like without them.

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