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  • Congressman John Lewis Wins The Internet With The Best Response To Trump

    The Georgia congressman and longtime Civil Rights leader said it best...

    Democratic congressman John Lewis delivered a painful blow to Donald Trump today, who is under fire for inciting violence at his presidential campaign rallies by encouraging his supporters to violently confront protesters. 

    Rep. Lewis tweeted his comment directly to Trump, not just in condemnation of his words - a line made famous during the McCarthy Army Hearings in 1954, back when Senator Joe McCarthy saw Communist infiltrators like Trump seems Muslim terrorists - under every bed.


    Alas, it is but a rhetorical question. We already know the answer.

    Rep. Lewis also tweeted this uplifting message for the rest of us: 

    Here's that bit of history when Joseph Welch, chief counsel for the United States Army, shut down Senator Joe McCarthy: 



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    • commented 2016-03-12 19:59:46 -0500
      “Knock the hell out of them. I promise you I will pay for the legal fees. I promise.” SERIOUSLY? From a presidential candidate rally? America: WAKE UP.

    • commented 2016-03-12 19:05:23 -0500
      John Lewis tells it as it is….the truth…unvarnished. Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler.

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