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  • California Legalizes Assisted Suicide For The Terminally Ill

    California is the fifth state to enact "Right to Die" legislation. 

    Beginning June 9, residents of California who are terminally ill will have the legal right to seek life-ending drugs from their doctors. 

    Under the new law, end-of-life medications can only be prescribed when two different physicians both determine that the patient has no more than six months to live. The person ending his life must also be mentally competent and physically able to self-administer the drug.

    The End of Life Option Act was signed into law by California's Democratic governor Jerry Brown in October of last year, but because it passed the state assembly during what is considered an "extraordinary" legislative session, it won't go into effect until 90 days after the session adjourned, which happened last Thursday, March 9. 

    "We're glad to finally have arrived at this day where we have a date certain," State Senator Bill Monning told NPR. "It's a historic achievement for California, and for a limited universe of people dealing with a terminal illness, it could indeed be a transformative way of giving them the option of a compassionate end-of-life process."

    Senator Monning released a statement recognizing the people who worked for passage of the law, but didn't live to see it enacted, calling them "true champions." 


    Photo from Right To Die via Facebook 

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    • commented 2016-03-14 19:28:31 -0400
      Thanks for sharing…

    • commented 2016-03-14 18:03:54 -0400
      Your source has done you a disservice. The promoters of assisted suicide have worn out their thesaurus attempting to imply that it is legal in Montana. Assisted suicide is a homicide in Montana. Our MT Supreme Court ruled that if a doctor is charged with a homicide they might have a potential defense based on consent. The Court did not address civil liabilities and they vacated the lower court’s claim that it was a constitutional right. Unlike Oregon no one in Montana has immunity from civil or criminal prosecution and investigations are not prohibited like Oregon. Does that sound legal to you?
      There are only 4 states that have legalized assisted suicide with immunity by prohibiting investigation after the death even inquires by family members who were not contacted.

    • commented 2016-03-14 13:07:03 -0400
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    • commented 2016-03-14 11:17:45 -0400
      Good! I am all for it. I would not want to suffer like that because of what others believe. I think it is the humane thing to do. We put our beloved pets down when they have come to that point to save them from suffering needlessly. I always thought this should be extend to humans with that same compassion and love.

    • commented 2016-03-13 19:37:58 -0400
      Opposition to this provision is rooted in Religious zealotryand a herd of silly pulpit jockeys. They’ve now been slapped down, sent to the corner, and told to STFU.

      Praise JeeeZusssssss.
      Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera.

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