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  • Bernie Sanders Wins The Washington State Caucuses

    Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders handily won the Washington Caucuses Saturday, thrashing presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.  

    CNN projects that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is the winner of the Washington State caucuses by a substantial margin. CNN called the race with 33% of the vote counted, with Senator Sanders leading Hillary Clinton 76%-24%. 

    Senator Sanders will be awarded most of the state's 101 delegates. The exact number will be determined when all the votes are counted. 

    Washington is a huge win for Senator Sanders who campaigned often in the state leading up to today's caucuses. Washington seemed tailor made for the Sanders campaign, a caucus state with low percentages of Black and Latino voters who have so far favored Hillary Clinton this election cycle.

    The Washington win is the second of the day for Senator Sanders who CNN projected also won the Alaska caucuses by a large margin. Senator Sanders must win most of the remaining Primary contests by substantial margins in order to catch Hillary Clinton in the all-important delegate count by the Democratic convention. Before today's caucuses, Sec. Clinton had amassed 1,223 pledged delegates, compared to Senator Sanders 946.

    Hawaii is also holding its version of a caucus today. Hawaii Democrats will 25 delegates based on the results of a “presidential preference poll,” in which voters attend a public meeting, but vote by secret ballot, like a Primary.



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