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  • Bernie Sanders Reacts To The Violence At Trump's Chicago Rally

    Senator Sanders called for unity last night, vowing not to allow Donald Trump to divide the American people. 

    Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders weighed in on the Trump rally in Chicago yesterday, which was cancelled after thousands of protesters threatened to disrupt it. Senator Sanders made his remarks to cheering crowds in Summit, Illinois, just a few miles from where angry protesters drove Trump from the stage.

    "What this campaign is about," said Senator Sanders, "is bringing our people together, not to let Donald Trump or anybody else divide us up. 

    "No, we are not going to hate Mexicans. We're not going to hate Muslims. We're not going to insult women. We're not going to insult veterans. We're not going to insult African-Americans. We are going to bring our people together."

    Have a look:


    Photo is a screenshot from the YouTube video 

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    • commented 2016-03-12 13:34:19 -0500
      Both Trump and Bernie are harnessing people’s anger with a corrupt, bought government. The difference is, Donald is diving America, Bernie is uniting America instead of blaming all the wrong people like Trump.

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