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  • Ben Carson Asks Schoolkids To Point Out The 'Worst Student'

    So much for a compassionate bedside manner. 

    At a campaign event today at the Isaac Newton Christian School, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, presidential dreamer Dr. Ben Carson unthinkingly asked a class of fifth graders "Who's the worst student," prompting at least a half dozen of his classmates to point to one young boy in the audience. 

    According to The Hill, the "worst student" line is something Carson often uses in campaign speeches to highlight his personal story - from floundering youth to world famous neurosurgeon. But it's a line Dr. Carson might want to rethink when addressing a room full of elementary school children. 

    Dr. Carson met with the unfortunate 10-year-old after the campaign event, posing for a photo by way of apology, spinning the incident on Twitter as: "They bonded over shared experiences as young kids."

    Dr. Carson told inquiring members of the press that he encouraged the boy to become a neurosurgeon.

    Asked by reporters whether he had been embarrassed by Dr. Carson's question or his classmates' reaction, the young man answered bravely, "No." 

    Someone should ask the same question of Dr. Carson. 



    Photo from Jason Osborne via Twitter

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