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  • All I want for Christmas Is A Transgender Fairy

    A fairy doll made in China came with a surprise under her gown....

    Fashion Happy Dolls manufactured in China have made some unsuspecting parents fashionably unhappy.

    You can buy the discount fairy doll in several versions, blond or brunette, blue dress or purple, silver wings or gold. But no matter which model you choose, she appears to come with penis.

    penis_2.jpgBut does she?

    The doll has been causing quite an international stir, ever since the mother of a three-year-old girl in Argentina posted a picture of the toy on Facebook. Right on cue, the photo went viral and handwringing over whether playing with the doll could confuse children about their own sexuaity quickly followed. 

    But as someone who has some experience with injection mold manufacturing, I really think the dreaded "penis" is not a penis at all. 

    Have you ever seen something made of metal that has a hole in it for no apparent reason? That hole is actually the way a progressive die inside a press moves the part from station to station where it is bent and pierced and trimmed. That hole has no function except during the manufacturing process. In molded plastics, you won't find mysterious holes, but you will occasionally find small protuberances that allow the part to be pulled from the mold. I think what we are actually looking at is not so much a penis, as that manufacturing aid.

    If you are wondering why you rarely see these manufacturing tabs, it's because most companies would have a "trim station" during the process where that bit of plastic would removed. Unfortunately, it appears this Chinese company thought they'd save the fraction of a fen it would cost to castrate the pretty fairy doll before packaging, and keep mothers out of panic mode. And so, because a Chinese manufacturer was being thrifty, we now have what is being called the world's first trans doll.

    But then again, reality is rarely as much fun as sexual hysteria, is it? 


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    • commented 2014-12-25 19:26:57 -0500
      The doll is long over-due, regardless if the offending appendage was deliberate or an accident by careless workers. I think it is a wonderful addition to the world of toys.

    • commented 2014-12-24 01:23:48 -0500
      I remember a lot of plastic dolls having holes between their legs. Sometimes they were called “wetting” dolls. NO ONE freaked out in panic, claiming manufacturers were making dolls with vaginas.

    • commented 2014-12-23 18:34:57 -0500
      I want one!!!

    • commented 2014-12-23 16:07:58 -0500
      aghast etc.

    • commented 2014-12-23 15:43:46 -0500
      Would share if you used the new approved journo term TRANS.

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