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  • 'Ebony And Orangery' - SNL Lampoons Ben Carson's Endorsement Of Trump

    For extra added fun, Larry David reprises his impersonation of Senator Bernie Sanders.

    Saturday Night Live continued its comedy coverage of the presidential primaries last night, opening with Darrell Hammond, pitch perfect as a pouty Donald Trump welcoming the endorsement of Ben Carson, played (a little too much like a gay caricature) by Jay Pharoah. 

    "Donald and I are very different,” says Pharoah as Carson. “We’re like are night and day: ebony and orangey.”

    The news then moves on to Larry David as Bernie Sanders, commenting on his surprise victory in Michigan.

    "I want to thank everyone who voted for me," says David as Sanders, "and apologize to everyone else for making your Facebook feed so, so annoying.” 

    The skit ends with a return of "Trump" and "Ben Carson," who has been beaten up by Trump supporters who thought he was a protester. 

    "Guys, what did I say?” Hammond's Trump admonishes his followers as Pharoah's Carson holds a "Trump Steak" over a black eye. “Not this one.”

    Here's the SNL skit:


    Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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