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Uganda MP: “Homosexuality it is not a human right. It is not in-born.”

by David Badash on December 10, 2009

in Bigotry Watch,Civil Rights,Discrimination,International,Legislation,News,Politics,Religion

Uganda MP: “Homosexuality it is not a human right. It is not in-born.”

Defends anti-homosexuality bill, adds, “It is a behaviour that is learned and it can be unlearned.”

Via the BBC:

“A Ugandan MP accused of calling for a “gay death penalty” says he has been misrepresented and is only trying to criminalise child abusers.”

“David Bahati says the new offence of “aggravated homosexuality” is a penalty against “defilement” of under-18s.”
“There has been a distortion in the media that we are providing death for gays. That is not true,” he said.
“When a homosexual defiles a kid of less than 18 years old, we are providing a penalty for this.”

Visit BBCNews for the full story and an audio clip of the Bahati interview.

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Will December 11, 2009 at 4:52 pm

What all concerned individuals need to do is: boycott any travel to Uganda and refuse to travel with any company selling tours (wildlife/gorilla-watching) to Uganda. Ensure that any relief organization to which you donate money does not send it to Uganda; if they do, stop supporting the organization. Do not fly any international carrier serving Entebbe; you have many choices when flying.
These self-made deliverer's (Rick Warren, Richard Cohen) are making large sums of money from people who are hurting. They could care less about the person but care deeply about their bank accounts. When will people learn? Nobody needs a pastor to interpret scripture; we all have the ability. Just one more example of resurrecting past events: there was a time when it was legal to execute Christians; there was a time when it was legal to execute Jews. Have these men forgotten these times or, perhaps, they just don't care.

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