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Tweet Of The Day: Adam Lambert On One Million Moms

by David Badash on June 3, 2012

in Celebrities,News,Politics

Post image for Tweet Of The Day: Adam Lambert On One Million Moms

Adam Lambert, an openly-gay musician, singer-songwriter, and actor today weighed in on One Million Moms, who have been very vocal recently, attacking American icons from retailers JC Penney and GAP, to comedian and TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres, to comic book legends Green Lantern and Northstar. Via Twitter this afternoon, Lambert — short and to the point — wrote, “Fuck ‘One Million Moms’. Hateful Bigots.”

One Million Moms, the low-cost, low-overhead email-harvesting and fundraising arm of the certified anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, was the subject of great ridicule over the past 24 hours, having deleted an anti-gay post on Facebook “warning” parents that D.C. Comics “rebooted” a Green lantern character as gay. They deleted the post after apparently unsuccessfully attempting to delete pro-gay comments, once they realized of the over 100 comments, almost all were actually pro-gay.

Subsequently, the One Million Moms Facebook page disappeared, for unknown reasons, although they did post via Twitter they would be away at “vacation bible camp” for a week. That posting did link back to their Facebook page, which is gone, temporarily or permanently, of their own choice or Facebook’s, no one seems to know.


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GaelicWench June 3, 2012 at 11:19 pm

One million moms, eh? Well, count yours truly OUT! I may be straight, but am very supportive of the gay community. I have no gay children, but they themselves accept them as their friends/equals. Good for them.

As for Adam Lambert….oh my, he was the main reason why I watched American Idol that season he was on. And the song he chose to sing (the singers were told to pick a song that was popular the year they were born) was spot on! "Mad World," a favorite of mine and he performed it par excellence! I can so relate to that song.

I am so glad Adam is a voice amongst many others. Good for him!

Neketa1 June 4, 2012 at 2:24 am

Please help us, One Million Moms is taking credit for canceling GCB. Please read our blog, then click on the tab"Sign the Petition" Help us get GCB back on the air!

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