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Trans Kids Withstand NOM Panic Attack

by Jean Ann Esselink on January 9, 2014

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The National Organization for Marriage has been branching out from picking on gay adults who want to be married, and is now picking on school kids who might want to pee.

NOM had a meltdown when California passed the School Success and Opportunity Act, which, among other protections, allows transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. Just imagining that eventuality has driven the prurient right frantic.

Transphobics have always been obsessed by the idea a straight boy might dress up like a girl to gain entry to the ladies room. I have never really understood that fear, but hey, I’m afraid to clip my dog’s nails. Who am I to scoff at anyone’s unreasonable paranoia?

NOM has been collecting signatures in an effort to put repealing the law on the November 2014 ballot. That strategy worked for them, albeit temporarily, in 2o08, when they managed to get the repeal of same-sex marriage on the ballot in California. But not this time.

NOM needed more than half a million valid voter signatures to put their repeal measure up for a vote. They came up over 22,000 short. The count was based on a random sample of signatures which were checked for their validity. Now a check of each and every name will be done to confirm the statistical determination, but things look bleak for the bathroom-phobics.

Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center CEO Lorri Jean expressed her relief at NOM’s failure:

“This law does nothing more than offer basic protections for some of the most vulnerable and most marginalized in our community. It allows them to simply use the school bathroom that matches their gender identity and to participate on appropriate sports teams.

Unfortunately we know anti-LGBT extremists will employ outrageous scare tactics in an attempt to convince voters otherwise, despite conclusive evidence that protecting transgender kids causes no harm to anyone else.”

The California School Success and Opportunity Act went info effect January 1.



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BJLincoln January 9, 2014 at 6:37 pm

I'm glad they did not get the amount they needed. Because this bill covers a very small amount of children and the schools and teachers are aware of the kids in question, what business is it of theirs? School has been in for a week and I am willing to bet not one person has had a problem.

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