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Top Conservative: Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill ‘A Rape Of The Treasury’

by David Badash on January 7, 2013

in News

Post image for Top Conservative: Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill ‘A Rape Of The Treasury’

Another Day, Another Republican Not Understanding The Word ‘Rape’

Charles Krauthammer on Fox News “Special Report” Friday called the Hurricane Sandy bill that Speaker John Boehner refused to allow on the floor for a vote “a rape of the treasury.” Todd Akin, Paul RyanRichard Mourdock, Rick Santorum, etc., all using the word “rape” in offensive, degrading, disgusting ways should have been a warning to just never say the word again, unless actually discussing rape — but apparently not.

“Isn’t it funny how Republicans love to call everything rape except actual rape, which does not actually exist except in the fever dreams of feminists (who are all Andrea Dworkin) or anytime a black man looks at a white woman or wants hurricane funding,” Wonkette notes, adding, “(Same thing.)”

Not only did Krauthammer, Fox News’ resident misogynist, call a bill to help the victims of the nation’s second-worst hurricane “a rape of the treasury,” he re-wrote history.

“Sometimes the hypocrisy of the Democrats would leave Diogenes stunned,” Krauthammer said. “The Democrats spent two years savaging President Bush over his treatment of Katrina. All of a sudden it’s a paragon of how to deal with disasters.”

Of course, Democrats, and almost the entire world — sans some of the GOP — spent many years “savaging President Bush over his treatment of Katrina” because he did nothing except ignore the apocalyptic death and destruction for days, as people were left alone, starving and dying. The Katrina comparisons are a “paragon of how to deal with disasters” only in the sense that even Bush signed disaster relief bills with ten days of the storm. It’s now been 70, and the House finally passed a tiny $9 billion downpayment for millions of Sandy victims.

“And this idea that somehow the person to blame for suffering of the people today, months after Sandy, who aren’t getting help … is John Boehner, because of a bill he didn’t pass on January 1 — it’s preposterous, and the press is playing along that line,” Krauthammer claimed.

Well, actually, Boehner is the reason Hurricane Sandy victims are still without help or support from their government.

Last month, Krauthammer suggested that Hillary Clinton was suffering from “… acute Benghazi allergy which causes lightheadedness when she hears the word Benghazi or is being asked about it.”


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{ 1 comment }

BJLincoln January 7, 2013 at 8:23 am

Soooo…..Lets see if I am understanding this right…
Our Tangerine-American, Jon Bonehead, does not know what REAL rape of a female is, thinks helping victims of Sandy is "rape" of the treasury, but does not think using taxpayer money to defend DOMA is not "rape" of the treasury.
He was the best option when voting for a new Speaker of the House?
What do you think of your GOP now MOM!

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