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Tim Tebow Cancels Speech At Anti-Gay, Anti-Islam, Anti-Mormon, Anti-Catholic Church

by David Badash on February 21, 2013

in News,Religion

Post image for Tim Tebow Cancels Speech At Anti-Gay, Anti-Islam, Anti-Mormon, Anti-Catholic Church

Tim Tebow, the Christian football player and anti-choice advocate, has just announced he is canceling his speech at a highly-controversial church headed by Pastor Robert Jeffress.

In a series of tweets, Tebow, 25, who plays for the NFL’s new York Jets, noted he was “was looking forward to sharing a message of hope and Christ’s unconditional love with the faithful members of the historic First Baptist Church of Dallas in April, due to new information that has been brought to my attention, I have decided to cancel my upcoming appearance. I will continue to use the platform God has blessed me with to bring Faith, Hope and Love to all those needing a brighter day. Thank you for all of your love and support. God Bless!”

Pastor Robert Jeffress has drawn sharp criticism for his anti-Obama, anti-gay, anti-Islam, anti-Mormon, and even anti-Catholic comments.

“I want you to hear me tonight,” Jeffress said in November, just two days before the 2012 election. “I am not saying that President Obama is the Antichrist, I am not saying that at all. One reason I know he’s not the Antichrist is the Antichrist is going to have much higher poll numbers when he comes. President Obama is not the Antichrist. But what I am saying is this: the course he is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist.”

In November of 2008, Jeffress delivered a ermon titled, “Gay Is Not O.K.,” which drew protests and a great deal of media attention.

Perhaps this petition helped Tebow see the light?
Hat tip: Dallas Voice

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Mykelbarber February 21, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Idiots living in the first century.

LOrion February 21, 2013 at 1:36 pm

He was scheduled to to TWO speeches …did he cancel both? SHARING!

rf7777 February 21, 2013 at 4:09 pm

The great thing about this whole Tebow incident is that it got a lot of people who would have never otherwise heard of Jeffess reading and hearing about him and his brand of Christian Love®. When you stand up in front of thousands of people say things like the Roman Catholic faith represents “the genius of Satan” , that the Mormon religion is a “cult” that is “from the pit of Hell or that "Islam leads to pedophilia." Or in public interviews says gay people are in a "miserable lifestyle" and most have AIDS or giving equal rights to gay people will cause the "implosion of our society"…
Jeffress is an embarrassment to Dallas. Glad to see more people aware of how awful and hateful he really is (though his congregation is just as bigoted/hateful/racist/homophobic/antisemitic/anti-Muslim as he is.

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