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  • Fox News: 'Frozen' Attacks Masculinity

    Who else but Fox News would be upset at heroic women getting screen time for a change?

    The animated film Frozen has delivered a lot of cold hard cash for Disney, somewhat unexpectedly. This is important given that Frozen is also exceptional for the fact that it portrays a Disney princess who doesn't need a prince to save her. But not everyone is celebrating the film.

    In a segment of Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy makes the claim that the film is empowering women by turning men into fools and villains. The clips he uses as evidence for this are one of the character Kristoff (who is not a villain) stating that all men pick their noses (this is a biological fact), and one showing another male character revealing himself to be a villain. Yet, I can't recall anyone making a fuss over the countless female villains that Disney has portrayed in the past including the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, and Maleficent just to name a few. 

    Doocy then introduced Penny Nance, CEO of the anti-feminist, anti-gay group Concerned Women For America, as his "expert." The introduction also made sure to emphasize motherhood as the most important job Nance could have. Doocy even expresses gratitude to Nance's children for allowing her to be interviewed. That is certainly something that would never be said to any man being interviewed on a news program. Nance went on to state that Frozen is actually part of a larger conspiracy in Hollywood and the media to make men seem like they're worth less than they are. 

    "Hollywood in general has often sent the message that men are superfluous, that they're stupid, that they're in the way, that if they contribute anything to a family, it's a paycheck," said Nance.

    Of course, this couldn't be further from the truth. One of the reasons that Frozen is considered to be so exceptional is because the vast majority of previous Disney films (all other films for that matter) have usually portrayed women as weaker and less intelligent than men. Most women portrayed in film have needed to be "saved" by men in one form or another. Furthermore, Nance has spent her entire career advocating the idea that empowering women leads to the "tearing down" of men. She even spent the end of 2014 helping conservative groups make a desperate attempt to derail a National Women's History Museum. 

    And of course, we can't forget this charming article Nance wrote back in December for the Washington Post in which she decried the idea of any boys deviating from their "gender roles" by not playing with toy trucks and plastic army men. She twists the effort by feminists to allow boys and girls to adopt whatever gender roles that they want to embrace by claiming it is actually shaming those children who conform to traditional ones. This is a typical tactic used many times before by those on the right who try to claim that bullies themselves are being "bullied," when they are not allowed to bully. In essence, according to Nance, those who deviate from traditional gender roles (especially boys and men) are harming boys and men that do conform. 

    "The future generation of America is in trouble if we ignore the Left's goals. There are mommy blogs with mothers bragging that their two year old children don't know whether they are a boy or a girl as well as tales of purposely cross-dressing their children. Moms, are you trying to screw up your kids? These are our daughter's future husbands and our son's future wives," she writes.

    Nance's basic idea is that men (and women) need to adhere to stereotypical gender roles based on what the Bible says about men and women. In Nance's mind, the men must always be the heroes and women must always be the ones needing to be saved. The idea of strength being anything but a rarity among women is foreign to Nance. It should also be noted that she repeatedly used the term "real men" throughout the interview. This promotes the idea that if a man ever needs to be saved or especially if a woman happens to save him then he's not a real man. That idea, of course, is the real attack on men coming from those like Nance on the right. 


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