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The World Must Watch This Brutal Video Of Gay Men Being Beaten By Russian Neo-Nazis

by David Badash on February 5, 2014

in News

Post image for The World Must Watch This Brutal Video Of Gay Men Being Beaten By Russian Neo-Nazis

Human Rights Watch has compiled several clips from the many, many videos posted online, which document neo-Nazi thugs violently brutalizing and humiliating gay men in Russia. The video is narrated and tells how Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay laws — laws that were formed with the aid of American Christianists and so-called “pro-family” groups — have fostered, emboldened, and mainstreamed anti-gay hate.

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The videos are posted by the perpetrators of anti-gay hate violence themselves, both as a means of advertising their “business,” and as a clear warning to the LGBTQ community in Russia: If you’re gay, we will hunt you down, and do this to you, too.

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Rarely do these criminals get arrested or punished. As one of the clips shows, an LGBT activist said after he was assaulted, he went to the police to file a report. Their response? “You’re gay, so it’s normal you were attacked.”

Video is available on Google’s YouTube site.


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