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Ted Cruz Super Zero!

by Jean Ann Esselink on December 10, 2013

in Celebrities,Farce,Jean Ann Esselink,News

Post image for Ted Cruz Super Zero!

The U.S. Senator “Ted” Cruz Comic Coloring Activity Book is coming soon to a stocking near you.

Really Big Coloring Books, publishers of the new Cruz book, say they “did not speak directly to the senator or to anyone on his staff in order to provide a fair objective review of this positive role model and real live superhero“. There are two phrases I never thought I’d hear in the same sentence, especially since the book is part of the publisher’s Tell The Truth – Tell It Often – Tell The Children series.

While I would certainly quarrel with the publisher’s characterization of the book’s message as non-partisan, (it bashes President Obama, Obamacare, and gun restrictions) I have to admit, I can see certain circumstances in which the Ted Cruz coloring book would make the perfect holiday gift, and not just for blind children. For instance, Ted Cruz the coloring book would be perfect:

  • If you pick the name of that guy in shipping with the Tea Party flag on his desk as your office Secret Santa.
  • If Santa runs out of coal and needs a substitute “naughty” gift.
  • If Sarah Palin is on your gift list.
  • If you run out of toilet paper in a Christmas blizzard.

Perhaps you have some ideas of your own?

Here’s some of my favorite pages:






Only $4.99 plus $2.95 shipping.



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James_M_Martin December 10, 2013 at 11:39 pm

This coloring book looks as if it had been designed by Joseph Goebbels.

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