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Tea Party: Obama Behind Occupy Wall Street

by David Badash on October 10, 2011

in News,Politics

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Several times a day I get an ludicrous email from Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation, one of the largest Tea Party groups. This morning he sent, “Is Obama Behind the Wall Street Protests?,” a blog post which posits that Obama is behind Occupy Wall Street, that the Occupy Wall Street protestors are “copycats,” that the “Liberal News Media” are covering Occupy Wall Street 24/7, and, “something had to be created to distract and divide Americans.”

Let’s look at who’s supporting this movement and why they’re pouring fuel on open flames. First “person of interest,” on the list would be Barack Obama. He’s run out of gas for his 2012 campaign and absolutely losing his Democratic base, many Hispanics refuse to back him, the Jews are irate and the youth no longer idolize him. Someone in Obama’s army had the bright idea to copy the tea party movement at least that’s the feeble excuse the Democrats are using.

Obama is egging the protestors on and encouraging them on National TV; he says the protestors don’t like the way our financial system works. What he’s saying basically is pass my jobs plan, tax the wealthy so I can continue by path to “redistribution.”

There’s a big difference between the tea parties and these copycat protestors- the copycats aren’t fighting for their Country. The tea parties are fighting to “Take Back Their Country;” they believe in the individual freedoms given to us by our forefathers as written in our Constitution. They believe in our Military, Government by the people (meaning a limited government,) securing our borders, 2nd Amendment and freedom of speech.

So Obama is the number one person of interest, let’s add Nancy Pelosi, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and Joe Biden – they all have the same canned message saying they are proud of the protestors and sympathize with them. Isn’t it strange they all opted to discuss the movement at the same time?

Stage left, the Unions parade in to join their protesting friends. Next, add the Liberal News Media who is beating the “Occupy Wall Street” story to death – they just can’t get enough of it! Yet they ignore the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program that allowed guns to walk across the border into the hands of the drug cartels? Two of our people, Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata and many Mexicans murdered and the Liberal News Media just turns their heads.

So Americans we have a staged protest probably funded by Obama, Soros, Unions and other Liberal groups. There’s much more to this movement then meets the eye – Obama’s ratings are in the tank and something had to be created to distract and divide Americans.

The Tea Party grows more delusional day by day, just as America’s support for their selfish, antiquated, out-dated, bigoted, and un-American policies weakens.


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skullhair October 11, 2011 at 3:31 am

You are wrong Mr. Phillips. I am a libertarian. I have been for over ten years, before your Tea Party, I campaigned for real freedom and smaller government. I come from a military family. I served in the Navy. My Dad was a Marine. I own a gun, I love my country, and I strongly support constitutional values. I'm with the 99% because it is real. It is a genuine outcry of frustration from those that are fed up and want to fight to take their country back from special interests, from the lobbyists, from the robber barons, corporate entities, and bankers who are in bed with politicians and destroying our republic. I have no love for Obama, or Pelosi, or George Soros, or Michael Moore, Al Sharpton or any nuts in the Democratic Party who want to lay claim to a populist movement to serve their own interests.

Nor do I have love for the counterfeit Tea Party co-oped by corporate interests and invaded by the likes of kooks such as Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann, Christine O'Donnell, Sarah Palin, and the Koch's who claim to espouse libertarian ideology but are so socially conservative and full of conspiracy theories about the left that they sound like lunatics. It's just more of the same old republicanism we've seen before. Take your pic, Republicans or Democrats, two sides of the same coin.

This isn't about left vs right. You can't spin me or pigeonhole me because I don't fit your model. I'm out there with a diverse crowd of military men and women, teachers, anarchists, moms, libertarians, socialists, students, workers, the homeless, and yes, Tea Party folks too.

Not everyone agrees on fringe issues, and yeah, some protesters are too young to yet understand how the derivatives market functions. Some are not yet educated enough to know why they are there. So educate them where they are. Don't cast stones from afar. We don't have a leader or a single position. We all have our own individual agendas, but at some level, we can all put differences aside and understand, there is something seriously wrong with the way this country operates. So we follow the money. You honestly think there is a single protester out there following the dictates of Ben Bernanke?! That's why I'm out there in the first place asking for an end the FED, the fractional banking system, and fiat currency.

Not all is what you think. Rather than inventing conspiracies ala Andrew Breitbart and putting down a sizable portion of the population who do love America and want to see it great and working well again, why not join the conversation? Forget about your differences of opinion with with those who don't share your exact viewpoint and try to reach a common ground. Can you imagine what could be achieved if the real grass roots of the Tea Party could find an understanding with OWS? It would be phenomenal to see Americans working together to get things done for once. You don't want the left leading the voice of the people? Come out and share your views with them on the streets.

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