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Post image for Tea Party Congressman, Senate Hopeful Tweets Support For Repeal Of DOMA

Tea Party Congressman, Senate Hopeful Tweets Support For Repeal Of DOMA

by David Badash on March 30, 2013

in DOMA,Marriage,News,Politics

U.S. Congressman Justin Amash, a Tea Party Republican from Michigan, tweeted this week that government is the “real threat” to traditional marriage, “not gay couples who love each other & want to spend lives together.” Amash is in his second term in Congress, and a recent National Journal article labeled him “The Senate Trouble-Maker in Waiting.”

To be clear, Amash is not supporting same-sex marriage, rather, he opposes DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 that bans the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages, because he’s a libertarian and a states’ rights and “religious freedom”advocate.

Amash retained his seat in November after a challenge from Trevor Thomas, the former communications director of SLDN, the LGBT service members legal defense group.

How conservative is Amash?

He’s received a 38% from the ACLU, a 66% rating from the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, an ‘A’ from the NRA, a 92% from the CPAC folks, a 100% from the Koch Brothers Club for Growth and the freakish extremists at the John Birch society.

So, pretty conservative, but not Jim Inhofe conservative.

Amash also was one of just ten Republicans to not vote for Boehner for Speaker.

Jennifer Bendery at The Huffington Post broke the news after engaging in a Twitter conversation with Amash:

During Friday’s Twitter exchange, HuffPost took the issue a step further and asked Amash if he would cosponsor the Respect for Marriage Act. That bill, which Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) files in every Congress, currently has three GOP cosponsors. Amash didn’t bite.

Here’s the Twitter exchange:


Here’s where Amash gets it wrong. “Contracts and civil unions” are second-class and have already been legally deemed ineffective. New Jersey supreme court a prime example.



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Editor March 30, 2013 at 11:35 am

Thanks for the article.

IMHO this guy looks like another GOP hack like Rand Paul promoting himself as 'libertarian' while in fact attacking Libertarianism. Right now their supporteres are trolling Libertarian-leaning e-groups and facebooks promoting these hacks as 'liberty lovers' while attacking 'pure' Libertarians as too extreme on gay rights or 'pro-liberal' and vote GOP.

Let's remember though we all thought Civil Unions were the way to go in the 80's until the righties started blocking those.

For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues worldwide, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ ….

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