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  • commented 2015-09-19 17:10:50 -0400
    When the pope is in his house, he can do what he wants. He wants to keep the French Ambassador-designee out of the Holy See’s diplomatic corps, that’s his (homophobic) choice. When he is in the U.S. he plays by POTUS’ rules, which also happen to be the law of the land. This is the only guarantee Francis will be within earshot of anyone in the LGBT community. You know his cardinals will keep us away from him throughout the rest of his trip.
  • commented 2015-06-23 16:48:53 -0400
    And after the Pride flags come down at the end of the month, watch these unhinged people take credit and call it a victory.
  • published this page in NCRM 2008-2014 2014-10-17 19:45:35 -0400

    Breaking: Pope Ousts Top Vatican Judge Known For Incendiary Anti-Gay Comments

    In one of the more explosive shakeups in the recent history of the Catholic Church, the second-most powerful man in the Vatican has been ousted.

  • published this page in NCRM 2008-2014 2014-10-15 08:35:47 -0400

    Conservative Leaders Push Catholic Church To Backtrack On Gays

    On Monday, news came that the Vatican was ready to acknowledge the "gifts and qualities" gay people have to offer. By Tuesday, conservatives at the highest levels of the Vatican made sure that would not happen.

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