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University of Texas at Austin


Regnerus Scandal Ripped Wide Open As UT Confesses To Major, Systemic Ethics Failures

by Scott Rose ● 12:11 PM December 12, 2012
Thumbnail image for Regnerus Scandal Ripped Wide Open As UT Confesses To Major, Systemic Ethics Failures

There seems to be a pattern developing at the University of Texas regarding lax or even intentionally ignored ethics lapses in research reporting oversight.


Princeton University Is Spreading Anti-Gay Lies And Hate To The World

by Scott Rose ● 12:25 PM November 2, 2012
Thumbnail image for Princeton University Is Spreading Anti-Gay Lies And Hate To The World

Princeton University bears direct responsibility for enabling the worldwide dissemination of demonizing lies told against LGBT people. Here’s why and what you can do.


Regnerus Scandal: Prominent Sociologist Delivers Devastating Professional Evaluation

by Scott Rose ● 7:00 PM October 9, 2012

A prominent sociologist says Regnerus’ study “is so thoroughly flawed … no conclusions can be drawn with sufficient confidence to report, publicize, or use them.”

Civil Rights

Regnerus Anti-Gay Scandal: Open Letter To Texas Attorney General

by Scott Rose ● 5:22 PM October 1, 2012

Scott Rose’s letter sent to Texas Attorney General Abbott, explaining the public has an overwhelming, legitimate interest in his telling UT to release the requested documentation.


BOMBSHELL: Regnerus Anti-Gay Scandal: Clear Evidence Of Misconduct

by Scott Rose ● 4:12 PM September 28, 2012

Regnerus and Witherspoon repeatedly have alleged that Witherspoon had no involvement in the design, conduct or analyses of the study. That is clearly not correct.


NOM-Linked Regnerus Funders Caught Deleting Incriminating Evidence

by Scott Rose ● 9:18 AM September 26, 2012
Thumbnail image for NOM-Linked Regnerus Funders Caught Deleting Incriminating Evidence

Witherspoon approached Regnerus about doing the anti-gay parenting “study,” while its own site was saying the opposite — that Regnerus had approached Witherspoon.


Opinion: Regnerus Anti-Gay Scandal — Elsevier Corporate Greed Drove Publication?

by Scott Rose ● 3:34 PM September 4, 2012

Did greed drive the Elsevier corporation to publish the Regnerus anti-gay parenting “study” rather than shelve the flawed work?


Regnerus Anti-Gay Scandal — UT Fails To Investigate, Further Damaging Public Image

by Scott Rose ● 3:12 PM September 3, 2012

University of Texas officials abdicated responsibility by failing to proceed from an inquiry to a full investigation into the Regnerus anti-gay parenting “study.”


BOMBSHELL: Corruption Uncovered In Regnerus Anti-Gay Study Scandal

by Scott Rose ● 3:45 PM August 29, 2012

Seemingly-incestuous relationships appear to have worked together to review and publish the fraudulent anti-gay Regnerus parenting “study.”

Bigotry Watch

American Sociological Association Poised To Act Against Anti-Gay Regnerus Study

by Scott Rose ● 1:46 PM August 24, 2012

The American Sociological Association says they “will do something like submit briefs” on the Regnerus study and issues surrounding it “to the relevant courts,” adding “This is a big deal, which happens rarely.”


Regnerus Anti-Gay Scandal: New Complaints Sent To University Of Texas’ President Powers

by Scott Rose ● 9:06 AM August 15, 2012

Rose sends a letter to the UT expressing concerns that the Inquiry seems only to have made Regnerus more brazen in his evident collusion with NOM-linked funders.


TNCRM’s Scott Rose Asks California Commission To Prosecute NOM

by Scott Rose ● 6:08 PM August 12, 2012

Strict deterrent penalties must be imposed on NOM, which has admitted to breaking California law.

Bigotry Watch

Opinion: Editorial Misconduct Allegations Filed Against Regnerus’ Editors

by Scott Rose ● 4:48 PM August 6, 2012

An official Complaint accusing editors of the journal that published the Regnerus “study,” Social Science Research, of editorial misconduct in publishing the study.


Opinion: The Catholic Church’s Complicity In NOM-Regnerus’s Anti-Gay Hate Speech

by Scott Rose ● 1:34 PM July 29, 2012

From funding to philosophy, a look at the relationship between the Catholic Church, NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, and the Regnerus anti-gay parenting “study.”