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Support Gay Marriage, Go To Hell. So Says Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece

by David Badash on October 25, 2012

in News

Post image for Support Gay Marriage, Go To Hell. So Says Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece

Alveda King, the niece of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., says that if you support same-sex marriage equality, you’re going to hell. Your safety of your very soul, she suggests, is dependent upon not supporting marriage for loving same-sex couples, who already have enough rights, King proclaims, in this ad she recorded for the anti-gay Maryland Marriage Alliance.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” the ad begins.

“I understand the civil rights struggle. During the Civil Rights Movement, we were working for access to education, to decent housing, jobs, and healthcare. As a minister, I believe that the NAACP leadership and gay rights activists have formed an unholy alliance by trying to convince you and me that marriage should be redefined. We did not define marriage and we cannot redefine marriage. Marriage, by definition, is a holy union between one man and one woman. Gay and lesbian couples already have rights under Maryland law, like priority hospital visitation, sharing property, tax exemption, adoption, and the list goes on. It’s possible to be tolerant of gay and lesbian rights without redefine marriage—God’s holy union. Some preachers are saying that gay marriage is inevitable and that they want to be on the right side of history. Well I believe that we are on the right side of history and the right side of eternity. Support marriage as God’s holy union between one man and one woman—vote against Question Six.”

The right side of eternity. Wow.

Alveda King, as a loyal reader reminded me, has been married and divorced three times. She certainly isn’t redefining marriage, just exercising her right to it, over and over and over again.

In my experience, those who claim to know God’s will, are usually wrong. (Just count the number of GOP candidates who told America it was God’s will they run for office.)

Question Six is Maryland’s ballot measure that will make same-sex marriage legal.

Corretta Scott King, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s wife and Alveda’s aunt, said before she passed away, “I believe all Americans who believe in freedom, tolerance and human rights have a responsibility to oppose bigotry and prejudice based on sexual orientation.”

Apparently that was lost on Alveda King, who has done nothing to preserve the true memory of her uncle; rather, she has molested his memory.


Audio and transcript via Jeremy Hooper at Good As You. Hat tip: Think Progress

Image via Wikipedia


Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Niece Attacks NAACP For Gay Marriage Support

Watch: Coretta Scott King Speaks In Support Of Gay, Lesbian Equality

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sciencetruthnow October 25, 2012 at 1:01 pm

Alveda King is a well-known extremist who has been virtually disowned by the King family. No one should listen to her on this issue.

kilimacory October 25, 2012 at 2:14 pm

Okay so this is something that bothers me immensely about the whole gay marriage and religion debate. In my opinion, the thing that most gay people want is marriage under the law, not marriage under God. We want to have the same rights under the law as straight couples, and we also want our relationship to be viewed as just as legitimate as a straight couple's. Therefore it really has nothing to do with what churches say at all, because a religious marriage is not what most gay couples are looking for. If some churches accept gays and allow them to be married under God, then that is that churches decision, and the gov't should have no say over whether or not the church is right in doing so. Separation of church and state is what this country was founded on, and these religious fanatics need to realize that.

rubellapox October 25, 2012 at 8:49 pm

what a hypocrite she is.. how many times has she been married and divorced… the freaking nerves to sit on judgement on others, especially when it comes to marriage and religion, when she herself doesn't even follow the tenets of your own faith..

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