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Speakers At NOM Supreme Court Marriage Hate Rally Actually Just NOM Paid Spokespeople

by David Badash on March 27, 2013

in Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for Speakers At NOM Supreme Court Marriage Hate Rally Actually Just NOM Paid Spokespeople

NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, is touting this video excerpting their anti-gay marriage hate rally held Tuesday after the Supreme Court heard the Prop 8 case. What NOM neglected to mention is most of the speakers in the video are paid National Organization For Marriage employees, or otherwise compensated supporters.

Yes, these are NOM’s paid spokespeople.

Of the eleven people included in NOM’s video, below, at least eight are directly paid by NOM, or have been paid by NOM, or have received financial contributions from NOM, or have benefitted financially or in-kind from NOM.

Let’s take a look.

Brian Brown: NOM President, annual salary est. $500,000

Bob Vander Plaats: President, Family Leader — as documented by One Iowa, Vander Plaats’s campaigns to oust Iowa supreme court justices have been the beneficiary of hundreds of thousands of dollars in money from the National Organization For Marriage.

Bishop Harry Jackson (whose speech is factually questionable): NOM paid Jackson at least $20,000 last year — that we know of, and quite possibly more. NOM President Brian Brown was even “treasurer” of one of jackson’s PACs.

Tami Fitzgerald: Executive Director of NC Values Coalition and a founding member of Vote For Marriage NC, a group likely financially supported by the National Organization For Marriage. (Oh, and reportedly a former lobbyist for groups tied to hate groups, according to this.)

New York State Senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz: NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, is his second-highest campaign contributor, according to Follow The Money:


DIAZ SR, RUBEN | Follow The Money
Bill Owens: Via Media Matters:

Owens Heads A NOM “Astroturf” Group Geared Towards Pitting African-Americans Against Gay People. According to The Washington Post‘s Lisa Miller:

Owens isn’t a story. He’s a figurehead in what political operatives call an “Astroturf” campaign. It looks like a grass-roots movement, but it’s really a political stunt.


Owens has been, for years, a religious liaison for the National Organization for Marriage, a conservative lobbying group whose aim is to block or roll back same-sex marriage legislation wherever it occurs. Though he told me in a phone call that he receives no compensation from NOM, his new campaign called Mandate for Marriage, aimed at urging African Americans to withdraw their support for the president, is made possible in part by individuals affiliated with NOM. “We have asked a few people for contributions – some of them from the National Organization for Marriage,” he told me.

To drive home the point: The day after Owens’s press conference, NOM’s president, Brian Brown, went on Fox and said that “key Democratic constituencies do not support same-sex marriage.” NOM created a truth and then went out and proclaimed it. [The Washington Post8/2/12, emphasis added]


Jennifer Roback Morse: President of the Ruth Institute, a wholly-owned National Organization For Marriage group.

Frank Schubert: NOM-paid strategist. HRC says Schubert has made “millions.”


Here’s the video:

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onepridenetwork March 27, 2013 at 9:18 am

What self respecting gay person would be part of that hate fest. Who is Doug Mainweather and someone needs to take his gay card.

StanJames April 25, 2013 at 11:35 pm

Not only is hte speaker thing BS, but there have been several instances where large NOM rallies in eg a stadium were actually something else. One was a stadium flled wth people actually watching the FiFA playoffs in South africa

I thought lying was a sin. These people from nom are just the trash of humanity

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