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Sleepover Suicide Pact: Two Bullied 14-Year Old Girls Hang Themselves

by David Badash on April 21, 2011

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Post image for Sleepover Suicide Pact: Two Bullied 14-Year Old Girls Hang Themselves

Two Minnesota 14-year old girls during an overnight sleepover slumber party died by suicide, hanging themselves after enduring bullying at school. Halyee Fentress and Paige Moravetz were described as being “one.”

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“The girls were apparently inseparable and loved each other,” writes LGBT POV. There are questions as to the girls’ relationship, some suggesting they were lovers or, at least, confused by their feelings.

While suicide notes were left, specific contents have not been released.

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One cousin, in the video below, says, “they were sort of one and the same, I think Haley found somebody that was kind of herself.”

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The Fentress family released this statement, saying, “we need to stop pretending this isn’t happening or that is just a cry for attention because obviously it is not. It shouldn’t take more tragedies to realize this.”

“The two girls were so close, Haylee had hyphenated her last name on Facebook to include Paige’s last name,” according to ABC News.


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renee April 22, 2011 at 8:23 am

My heart just broke reading this. I am glad to see public dialogue about the harsh realities of bias-based harassment of LGBTQ youth and its too often tragic repercussions. I think the conversation would benefit from a thorough and fearless examination of the differences of girls' experiences and boys'. Girls face unique challenges, and I've seen only one discussion that focuses solely on girls coming out at lesbian, bisexual, or queer, a documentary called Ugly Ducklings. We need to tell these stories and figure out how to make the pain stop.

markkoenig April 22, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Life is harsh, people can be mean, perhaps we need to teach these children better coping skills as opposed to the unrealistic ideal of stamping out bullying. People are cruel, not just children, and life doesn't get any easier. I blame the parents for not teaching their children to be more mentally and emotionally tough as opposed to coddling them and telling them blatant untruths about how life works, creating unrealistic expectations in the children and then depression when these expectations inevitably fall short of reality. Bullying isn't new, parents inablility to teach their children to handle it seems to be a fast growing concern. I was 5'5" tall and 95 pounds my freshman year at a public high school that was having race riots in the 90's when I attended. Bullying was relatively commonplace but no one in my class offed themselves because of it. That was when bullying was an accepted fact of life and we were taught to stand up for ourselves and learn a way to handle it. Unrealistic expectations will lead to a major let down when the realization that stamping out bullying is an unachievable lie and we have not taught these children a realistic way of coping with it. We leave them with no coping skills and then the only way out they see is death, when in fact there are many more options they are not being taught.

Heather May 9, 2011 at 2:54 am

You can't teach someone to be "mentally and emotionally tough". That is not something that is taught. To sit there and say bullying is ok because it's always happened is ridiculous. Bullying has become worse than it was back in the 90s. Now we have facebook, myspace, blogs, youtube. All of these things are used as bullying tools as well, which can make it worse because the entire world can view it. I was bullied in school, it is something I will never forget.

What parents need to teach their children is that everyone is different. To love and respect everyone regardless of who they are, what they look like, how much money they have. Parents need to teach that these things arent important in the big scheme of life.

Angel May 3, 2011 at 5:53 pm

I'm very srry to hear this but my friends just killed herself to like a month ago….. It's a really hard time u have no idea how hard it is to deal with it at my age (13).
and just hearing all these other people suffering, it breaks my heart, I wish bullying would just stop and the stupid school don't do anything!!!!

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