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Sesame Street Liberal Indoctrination To Blame For Gay Teen Crowned Prom Queen

by David Badash on June 2, 2011

in Bigotry Watch,Media,News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Sesame Street Liberal Indoctrination To Blame For Gay Teen Crowned Prom Queen

Sesame Street is to blame for the crowning of a gay male teen Prom Queen, according to a Fox News’ “Hannity” culture wars panel discussion about “liberal media bias” Wednesday night.

Conservative author Ben Shapiro, author of “Primetime Propaganda,” starts by saying he wants to take Big Bird and Elmo “out back and cap ‘em.” It was supposed to be a joke, but represents how flip the right is about violence and murder.

Shapiro says he spoke to the biggest creators in TV over the past 50 years, and found, shockingly, evidence of “liberal media bias!” Stunningly, one episode, Shapiro says, of the hit TV show “Friends,” was supposedly “an FU to the Right.” The irony escapes them all: every episode of every FOX News show is an FU to the Left!

Shapiro also claims, “If you’re a conservative in Hollywood you just won’t get work.”

Shapiro, I presume, has seen at welfare offices:

  • Trace Adkins: Country Music Singer & TV Personality
  • Danny Aiello: Film Actor
  • Stephen Baldwin: Actor, Radio Personality
  • Pat Boone: Singer, Songwriter
  • Wilfred Brimley: Commercial Actor & Star of Cocoon
  • Jerry Bruckheimer: TV & Film Producer
  • James Caan: Legendary Film Actor
  • Drew Carey: Game Show Host & Former TV Star
  • Adam Carolla: Former Host of The Man’s Show
  • Tom Clancy: Espionage and Military Science Author
  • Jon Cryer: Notable Film & TV Actor
  • Robert Davi: TV & Film Actor
  • Bo Derek: Model, Film & Television Actress
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.: American Race Car Driver
  • Clint Eastwood: Academy Award Winning Film Actor & Director
  • John Elway: Hall of Fame Quarterback & Super Bowl MVP with the Denver Broncos
  • Sara Evans: Country Music Singer
  • Lou Ferrigno: TV Actor (Star of The Incredible HulkKing of Queens Guest Star)
  • Mel Gibson: Film Actor & Academy Award-Winning Director
  • Kelsey Grammer: TV & Film Actor, Star of TV’s Long-Running Series, Frasier
  • Angie Harmon: TV & Film Actor, Star of TV’s Law & Order
  • Elizabeth Hasslebeck: Former “Survivor” Contestant & Co-Host of The View
  • Dennis Hopper: Actor, Director & Two-Time Academy Award Nominee
  • Patricia Heaton: TV Actor, Female Lead in TV’s Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Naomi Judd: Country Music Singer, Actress & Author
  • Lorenzo Lamas: TV Actor
  • David Zucker: film director

One of the panelists was repeated-wannabe for RNC Chair Ken Blackwell, who suffers from a conflict of interest history, as well as extreme homophobia (Blackwell “led the campaign for the 2004 Ohio Constitution Amendment banning state recognition of same sex marriage and civil unions.”) Blackwell is a senior fellow at the conservative religious, political group Family Research Council, a certified hate group. (Don’t you think Blackwell should have to say he is employed by a certified hate group before he speaks on TV?)

Blackwell tried to suggest that a gay high school teen was crowned Prom Queen because of Sesame Street indoctrination. He also tries to imply that our government and, somehow, Sesame Street, are part of a totalitarian regime that seeks to destroy the family and religion.

Unsurprisingly, Hannity says the values of kids today scare him.



Thanks to for the list of Hollywood Conservatives, and our friend Dave Evans of Such Is Life videos for the clip!

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