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Seattle Gay Groups Ask Space Needle Owners To Fly The Pride Flag Every June

by Jean Ann Esselink on April 25, 2013

in Gay Agenda,News

Post image for Seattle Gay Groups Ask Space Needle Owners To Fly The Pride Flag Every June

In a cause that is near and dear to our hearts at The New Civil Rights Movement, 10 LGBT groups from the Seattle area have asked The Space Needle Corporation, (SNC), private operators of the iconic Space Needle, to once again fly the Pride Flag this June to celebrate Pride Month – and every June thereafter.

The Pride Flag was first flown from the Space Needle in June of 2010, a moment in gay history that was well remembered by The New Civil Right Movement’s own Stuart Wilber:

“Last year the Rainbow Flag flew atop the Space Needle on Pride weekend for the first time. It was a significant moment for Seattle, home to what is said to be the second-largest LGBT community in the country. People literally wept, posed for photos with the be-rainbowed Space Needle in the background, and sent hundreds of thank you messages to the corporation that owns it.”

The flag flew again in 2011, but not without a fight. Stuart was one of those on the front lines of that battle, collecting signatures on a petition that garnered almost 10,000 supporters. Local TV and radio personalities added their voices. An accommodation was reached only after the LGBT organizations agreed to raise $50,000 for charitable causes. But in 2012, amid the repercussions of the marriage equality debate, the flag did not fly.

Now the LGBT community is requesting that the Pride Flag be flown every June. The CEO of SNC, Ron Sevart, was noncommittal, issuing a statement that said:

“The Space Needle receives a range of requests from organizations and interest groups seeking to celebrate special occasions and causes, and that each is considered individually. But, “other than the American Flag, we rarely fly other flags more than once. The statement said the Seahawks’ 12th Man flag and LGBTQ’s Pride Flag are the only historical exceptions to that.”

Anti-gay groups are already making their displeasure known. Joseph Backholm, executive director for the Family Policy Institute of Washington, said: “Everyone recognizes this as a divisive issue,” He urged SNC not to feel “forced to toe the LGBT line.”  Backholm complained: “If a business decides not to go along with your request because they don’t want to irritate people, it seems reasonable that you should respect that.”

Something tells me the LGBT groups will not be taking Mr. Backholm’s advice as they press their cause to commemorate Pride Month, the month of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, with the rainbow flag waving proudly from the Space Needle.


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capitolguy April 25, 2013 at 6:07 pm

This will only end when we build additional Space Needles

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