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Scott Brown: ‘Elizabeth Warren claimed she was a native American, and as you can see she’s not’

by David Badash on September 21, 2012

in Discrimination,News,Politics

Post image for Scott Brown: ‘Elizabeth Warren claimed she was a native American, and as you can see she’s not’

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) debated Elizabeth Warren last night, and told the audience, “Elizabeth Warren claimed she was a native American, a person of color, and as you can see she’s not.” It was an ugly, racist attack on Warren, who is part native American, whether or not you can “see” it.

Warren, ever gracious and elegant, stated by saying, “Senator Brown is a nice guy,” but added the race “is about the issues.”

Brown is currently losing the race to retain his U.S. Senate seat  in the polls to Warren, by an average of 1.9 percentage points, according to Poll Tracker.

This non-issue is the perfect example of Republican obstructionism and, frankly, racism. Why racism? Aside from the manner in which Brown introduced the question of Warren’s heritage — “as you can see she’s not” — Brown later charges Warren’s “checking the box” could have “taken a job away from someone else.” The old anti-affirmative action attack.

Scott Brown is in many way the essence of white privilege in America. And from time to time, he makes that all too clear.

Back in May, Rachel Maddow put what should have been an end to this nonsense.

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