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  • Russian Authorities Forced To Allow A Same-Sex Wedding

    Two blushing brides were legally married in Russia this month, even though same-sex marriage was made illegal in the country in 2012. 

    wedding.JPGScandalized Russian bureaucrats were outraged, but they were trapped by their own discriminatory laws. Alina Davis and Allison Brooks are now legally married.

    Alina Davis, a 23-year-old trans woman, and Allison Brooks, her 19-year-old partner, walked into the Moscow registry office in matching wedding dresses and asked for a marriage license. Alina said later on her VK page (Like a Russian Facebook) that the clerk called them the "shame of the family" and told them they needed medical treatment.

    Alina joked of her partner's reaction:

    "I was afraid my pussycat would beat the fuck out of her." 

    In the end, the disproving clerks had no choice but to issue a license to the young couple, because Alina, (once Dmitry Kozhukhov) who was born male, is recognized as a male in Russia. The ladies married immediately at the registry, punctuating their legal marriage with a long and happy kiss. 

    I find there is a profound and satisfying irony in the fact the women used a law born from transphobia to defeat a law born of homophobia. 

    Congratulations to the newlyweds!



    H/T UK Metro 

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    • commented 2014-12-08 16:45:13 -0500

      The sex chromosomes are pretty much irrelevant when it comes to trans-people. Everything that they would to do a body is prevented by the treatment that is offered to them.

      Assuming Ms Davis decided to get the full transition, which may be false, she should have an entirely female body, not simply ‘look female’.

      We can not yet allow transwomen to get naturally pregnant, but it is a distinct possibility for the future. Not that a same-sex couple really has that option anyway. :p

    • commented 2014-12-08 14:50:43 -0500
      She was born a male, she’s still a male. Just because she looks female does not hide the X chromosome. This is a heterosexual marriage, despite the media’s attempt to make it look otherwise. Congrats to the happy man and woman on their marriage. I wish him and her a long happy life!

    • commented 2014-08-24 13:04:18 -0400
      I find it disturbing that they’re twinses, other than that, you go glen coco(s)

    • commented 2014-08-23 16:06:41 -0400
      Andrea, kudos to you, hun! And to your support system as well. Brightest blessings upon you for a lifetime of happy days.

    • commented 2014-08-23 16:00:48 -0400
      Sandra, firstly, referring to the transgender bride as “he” is rude and incorrect. She is a female, same as I am. And if my wife had chosen not to tell me she’d been born male, that would have been her choice, there is no obligation, moral or otherwise, to reveal anything about your personal life story should you not want to do so. And what right do you have to predict their relationship will fail?? You are acting no differently than those who assume a relationship will fail simply because the couple is young, or there is a significant age difference, or something else as inconsequential. If someone said your relationship would fail for a similarly inane reason, I’m sure you’d be the first to protest.

    • commented 2014-08-23 14:44:46 -0400
      Thank you for your comments Kerri. I am myself trans-gendered, and can empathize somewhat with your wives suffering. I credit reaching this point without disfiguring scars to the support of my friends, and luck in finding an anti-depressant that worked for me.

      As to the couple, i don’t think it’s really our place to guess on the longevity of their relationship. They were able to achieve something they wanted that is denied to many others. Well done.

    • commented 2014-08-23 13:26:54 -0400
      So how is this considered a win? Russian law states he’s a man because he was born one… there was also no law change as a result of this… it is just 2 kids rebelling and trying to stick it to the Russian government by thinking they are clever. How about we wait for a while and see how their marriage end up? I feel it won’t last because of their age and the nature of this marriage in that it comes off as if they did it just to try and prove something.

      On another note after reading some comments, I have no problems with transgendered people, but I feel it’s morally wrong of them if they change genders and do not tell people they date what gender he/she was born as. Sure he/she can consider themselves whatever they want, but he/she is under moral obligation to tell the person what he/she was born as and that is not something he/she can ever run away from.

    • commented 2014-08-23 13:01:09 -0400
      Well said, Andrea. My wife is transgendered as well, and as you may guess by the title of wife, is now happily married to a woman. She knew she was in the wrong body for many years, and as she explained it, “either Richard could die so Vicky could live, or I could have ended up committing suicide and nobody lived.” Having the surgery didn’t suddenly make her only want to be with guys, she still identified as a pansexual, just as a pansexual female rather than a male. Transgenderism actually has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. It’s who you are yourself, being in the body that matches your soul, your Spirit. It’s something us cisgenedered folk take for granted. We have always woken up feeling like we were in the right skin; our brains have never said why doesn’t this fit, this is so wrong, it just doesn’t make a lick of sense. I’ve told my wife on many occasions that she is so much braver than she could ever give herself credit for. Anyone who comes out as Transgender is. Do you know the suicide rates among the Transgender community? They are staggering, even among the rest of our community. To come out and say I’m choosing to accept that I was born in the wrong body so I can finally live is amazingly brave. I personally say, kudos and congratulations to those who have done so and survived.

    • commented 2014-08-23 07:05:59 -0400
      I don’t want to assume, but it feels like this ‘why didn’t she stay a guy attitude’ is based a really dangerous idea; that transgender people transition to become straight

      Transgender people transition to stop the crippling dysphoria and depression that comes with having a mismatched brain and body.

      After transition they may be straight, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, etc, like any other person.

    • commented 2014-08-23 05:01:55 -0400
      Love this story! Thanks for covering it!

    • commented 2014-08-22 21:33:10 -0400
      Oddly enough the natural female of the two is the one on our left, the one of the two who looks like she’d had plastic surgery. The more natural/feminine looking of the two was the genetic male of them. :P

    • commented 2014-08-22 20:11:24 -0400
      To the people who said he should stay a “guy” you need to understand that your sexual orientation and sexual identity is not always the same.

      He is a girl on the inside but attracted to females which means he is a lesbian trans.

      Hope you get what I’m trying to say here.

    • commented 2014-08-22 19:28:09 -0400
      Christopher Nores" the “guy” was transgender. That means “he” was a girl in the body of a boy—the body being an accident or mistake of nature. “He” identified as a “she” and thus had/will have a gender reassignment surgery, but regardless is a woman mentally. That makes “him” a her. “He” relates to being a “she.” (I had a male friend who always knew “he” was a “girl”, had a sex change and then married a guy"

    • commented 2014-08-22 17:42:41 -0400
      Good story, but there is no reason to ever publish a trans person’s previous name, no exceptions.

    • commented 2014-08-22 17:14:05 -0400
      Wait…. So you are telling me that a guy, became a girl, to marry a girl! Why didn’t he just stay a guy and marry a girl.

    • commented 2014-08-22 14:36:44 -0400
      Congrats to them but wtf is up with the twinsy crap??? I don’t have problem at all with them being married but the fact that they have CHOSEN to look almost identical is bizarre and will only feed the homophobic trolls.

    • commented 2014-08-22 12:47:31 -0400
      This is pure awesome.

      And as Andrea said when the hormones start taking over there is very little one can do to alter, save for going through plastic surgery.

    • commented 2014-08-22 12:38:30 -0400
      Tiffany, transgender people don’t have that much control over what their appearance will be like after transition.

      Also, attraction to people with similar (but not too similar) genes to oneself is fairly common.

    • commented 2014-08-22 12:36:35 -0400
      I agree with Tiffany Stacy lol I thought they were sisters at first lol any ways congrats to them both !

    • commented 2014-08-22 11:16:12 -0400
      What an amazing story! Well done, ladies! Congratulations and brightest blessings for a lifetime of love and happiness!

    • commented 2014-08-22 04:15:58 -0400
      Is no one noticing the creepy fact that they look identical… Its like she is marrying herself. This transgender had surgery to look just like her wife. Wtf

    • commented 2014-08-22 01:53:47 -0400
      Starts clapping

    • commented 2014-08-21 23:13:56 -0400
      There are always ways around the insanity of conservative homophobes. Congratulations to the new couple.

    • commented 2014-08-21 12:56:40 -0400
      Congratulations and bright blessings to you both!

    • commented 2014-08-21 12:15:27 -0400
      Brava ladies!!!!!!

    • commented 2014-08-21 12:15:24 -0400
      Brava ladies!!!!!!

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