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Russian LGBT Journalist: Pressure From West Is Working — ‘They’ve Really Squirmed’ (Video)

by David Badash on August 23, 2013

in 2014 Winter Olympics,Discrimination,News,Politics

Post image for Russian LGBT Journalist: Pressure From West Is Working — ‘They’ve Really Squirmed’ (Video)

A Russian LGBT journalist last night said the pressure from the West on Russia is working. “They’ve really squirmed,” Masha Gessen told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes last night. Hayes has been devoting a good deal of his coverage to President Vladimir Putin’s war on gays, and the boycotts in the West.

Gessen, who two decades ago was a journalist in the U.S., says she is moving to New York because Russia is working on legislation that would allow the government to remove children from the homes of LGBT or same-sex parents.

“As long as the pressure is on, it’s not going to make them reconsider those [existing] laws. But it will possibly make them dial back the campaign of hate, and it can prevent the passage of further laws, including the law on removing children from same-sex families.”

Gessen notes that Putin and his supporters have been able to target and marginalize LGBT people in Russia because “it felt like no one was watching.”

In the beginning of the segment, Hayes provides an excellent roundup of the latest news surrounding the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, and the International Olympics Committee’s unacceptable whitewashing of the Russian government’s statements.

“It looks like you are staring into the very darkest heart of fascism, the very core — deepest, worst kind of stuff of what people and governments do when they hate together,” Hayes tells Gessen.

Gessen is the author of ten books, including The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin, Ester and Ruzya: How My Grandmothers Survived Hitler’s War and Stalin’s Peace, and Two Babushkas,

It’s an excellent interview. Watch:

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hometimemusic August 23, 2013 at 4:35 pm

The IOC must be a very special kind of stupid if they accept these fraudulent "reassurances." They're being lied to. They KNOW they're being lied to and they also know that that Russian administration is flipping them the finger.

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