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Romney Slams Obama For Not Visiting Israel. Add Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Eisenhower

by David Badash on October 23, 2012

in News,Politics

Post image for Romney Slams Obama For Not Visiting Israel. Add Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Eisenhower

Last night, and in his follow up attack ad today, Mitt Romney slammed President Barack Obama for not yet visiting Israel. But Romney will have to add nine of the past eleven presidents to his list, including both Presidents Bush, and Presidents Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Truman to his list.

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President Obama is in his fourth year in office. At this point, only Presidents Clinton and Carter — both Democrats — had visited Israel as president.

Noting “Obama’s failure to travel to Israel thus far is not unusual at all,” the Washington Post looked into this very issue in August, and reported:

The State Department historian’s office maintains a list of presidential foreign travels, so we can quickly see which presidents have visited Israel — and when. Here’s the list since Israel’s founding:

Harry Truman: no visit

Dwight Eisenhower: no visit

John Kennedy: no visit

Lyndon Johnson: no visit

Richard Nixon: sixth year of presidency

Gerald Ford: no visit

Jimmy Carter: third year of presidency

Ronald Reagan: no visit

George H.W. Bush: no visit

Bill Clinton: 4 visits—in the second, third, fourth and sixth years of his presidency

George W. Bush: 2 visits—in the eighth year of his presidency


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