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Reverend: Same Sex Adoption Could Lead To More Abortions

by David Badash on August 31, 2010

in Discrimination

Post image for Reverend: Same Sex Adoption Could Lead To More Abortions

I rarely write about stories outside the U.S., since there’s generally so much news to cover here, but this story caught my eye. Reading this piece without knowing it was from Australia, you could easily mistake it for the United States — and that’s pretty scary.

The story’s photo caption reads, “The Rev Fred Nile told a public meeting he feared legalising same-sex adoption could lead to more abortions.”

Here are a few lines from the piece too.

“Every child, where possible, should have a mother and a father and this legislation is going to deprive many children in the future.”

And then this:

People should not be “bludgeoned into keeping silent” because of their religious beliefs, Mr Clarke said.

“This has nothing to do with religion,” he said. “This has to do with morality and the right of the child.”

Addressing the packed public meeting, Christian Democratic Party leader Reverend Fred Nile said the bill could deter women thinking of adopting out their child and “lead to the tragedy of abortion”.

“Any mother putting up her baby for adoption would never imagine that their baby would be brought up by two male homosexuals or two female lesbians,” he said.

“Is this really an ideological issue or homosexuals demanding yet another human right?

“We should discuss the human rights of the adopted child who has a basic human right to have a male and female parent.”

Perhaps Australia should take a lesson from the failure of the U.S. and look at child homelessness. In America, states that offer full marriage equality have the lowest rates of child homelessness.

The scourge of religion has truly taken hold across the world, leading to lies and hate.

If a pregnant mother would rather abort her child than allow for the possibility of it being raised by “two male homosexuals or two female lesbians,” that says far more about that mother than it does about gays and lesbians.

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R L Pete Housman August 31, 2010 at 11:47 am

The rev fred nile should have his certificate revoked. Hate speech is allowed but should not be tolerated.
but at least he has provided us with a reasoned argument to euthanize children of any age being raise in single parent "Christian" families since they should only be raised in traditional 1 man 1woman homes.
Someone should tell the Christian Education Program Directors to expect a significant decline in fall enrollment.

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