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Post image for Republican National Committee Hires Tea Party Southern Baptist To Lobby For Evangelical Vote

Republican National Committee Hires Tea Party Southern Baptist To Lobby For Evangelical Vote

by David Badash on June 8, 2013

in News,Politics,Religion

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has just announced the hiring of a Tea Party Southern Baptist to strengthen its ties with the Evangelical community, Chad Connelly. Connelly, 49, is a motivational speaker and until his resignation to work for the RNC, was the chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. The Southern Baptists (SBC) are perhaps among the most anti-gay of all Christian sects, and represent about 16 million Americans, the second-largest group of Christians in the U.S. after Roman Catholics.

Connelly, who has been described by a local South Carolina paper as “a chronic liar,” and reportedly believes America is a Christian nation, there is no separation of church and state, and somehow only one person died on the Mayflower — “a sailor who cursed and mocked the Pilgrims’ efforts” — will be the RNC’s director of evangelical outreach.

Coincidentally, Connelly posted this to his Facebook page in late April:

Earlier this year, it was my honor to visit Israel with U.S. Senator Rand Paul. On our journey across the Holy Land, I invited Senator Paul to spend time with our great Republican activists and leaders in South Carolina. Since then, Senator Paul and I have kept in touch and today I’m proud to announce that he will join us in South Carolina on June 28!

skitched-20130608-174416At right, Connelly with his “great friend of liberty Rand Paul in January, during their trip to Israel, on the Sea of Galilee.

Regular readers will remember two stories The New Civil Rights Movement reported this week:

Rand Paul Tied To Evangelical Demanding War Against ‘Pagan’ Imposed ‘Homosexual Marriage’

Political Evangelical Calls For ‘War’ Against ‘Pagan Onslaught Imposing Homosexual Marriage’

Both stories focus on David Lane, who arranged Senator Rand Paul‘s trip to Israel.

Lane, the above-mentioned Evangelical who wants Christians to “wage war” against the “pagan onslaught imposing homosexual marriage,” is funded by the certified anti-gay hate group, American Family Association.

“Details of his job will not be announced until next week, and a spokeswoman for the RNC declined to comment on the new hire,” CNN reports:

But Connelly, a Baptist, has told multiple South Carolina Republicans that he will be steering the national party’s outreach to faith-based groups. He will be based in South Carolina.

Hiring a full-time faith-based outreach director was one of 14 recommendations outlined by the RNC’s post-election “Growth and Opportunity Project” released earlier this year.

The so-called GOP “autopsy” did little to define the job other than to say the RNC should “focus on engaging faith-based organizations and communities with the Republican Party” – a complicated task as the party tries to woo younger voters whose attitudes on social issues, especially same-sex marriage, are increasingly out of step with the evangelical wing of the conservative movement.

“Connelly said the party will announce his new job next week, but he described it as ‘bold expansive outreach, voter registration, mobilization, activation,’” The State, a prominent South Carolina newspaper, reports:

“It’s going to be significant,” Connelly said, adding the party plans to do a “national rollout” this week. “I would not have left the best nonpaying job in America if it wasn’t serious.”

The RNC’s 2012 “autopsy,” a report meant by RNC chair Reince Priebus to be a blueprint to get the GOP on track, recommends the “RNC should consider hiring a faith-based outreach director to focus on engaging faith-based organizations and communities with the Republican Party.”

All other references to “faith” in the report focus on the Hispanic community:

“The RNC must improve how it markets its core principles and message in Hispanic communities (especially in Hispanic faith-based communities).”

“Engage the Hispanic faith-based community in our efforts.”

Connelly may be seen as a controversial Tea Party member with radical policies to anyone not in the southern wing of the GOP. His 2002 book, Freedom Tide: Now You Can Make a Difference!, caused quite a stir when Connelly was elected party chair.

New SCGOP head Chad Connelly tells one whopper after another,” wrote Chris Haire at the Charleston City Paper:

In fact, in Freedom Tide, the SCGOP chair tells one whopper after another. Whether it’s because Connelly is a compulsive liar, an incompetent researcher, or, more likely, a self-help-seminar sellevangelist trying to get you to buy into a multi-level marketing batch of bullshit remains to be seen. I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter.


Image, top, via Facebook


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MiddleGrounds June 8, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Wow…they STILL don't get the concept of the whole separation of church and state, do they?!

bgryphon June 8, 2013 at 6:45 pm

To say nothing about their falling popularity with younger voters. I guess the Grand Old (very old) Party will have to truly and totally self-destruct in order to cut free from the rabid religious fundamentalists.

jchastn June 8, 2013 at 7:12 pm

Its not that they dont "get it". They simply don't want to believe that it is part of our constitution, or even intended by the founders. They think that the men who started the nation were all Southern Baptists.

SeanLiberty13 June 8, 2013 at 7:21 pm

So the Reichpublican Nazi Cult hired a blood thirsty parasite affiliated with non-human Nazi maggots who advocate killing millions of American citizens including children. Why am I not surprised?

BJLincoln June 9, 2013 at 9:38 am

Great! So the GOP has not learned a thing and we will have a new Dem in most offices including the Presidency! If anything is splitting America, it's religion and not equal marriage.
As a Pagan, I am sick of people misusing the name and symbols of a national recognized religion.
This moron says it like it's a bad thing. Pagans do believe in equal marriage but it is not a reason to blame us or use them name as something evil.

Serenifly June 9, 2013 at 11:07 am

Reaching out to religious fundamentalists is a waste of time. They will vote Republican in any case.

PaulUK2901 June 9, 2013 at 7:32 pm

Great news! The GOP were running a bit short on lying, fundamentalist, bat shit crazy, no-brain scumbags. Now they're back up to their quota. Well done.

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