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Republican Meghan McCain Joins GLAAD Board of Directors

by David Badash on June 2, 2014

in News,Politics

Post image for Republican Meghan McCain Joins GLAAD Board of Directors

Meghan McCain, the moderate Republican pundit and media personality, is joining the National Board of Directors of LGBT advocacy organization GLAAD. McCain has been a supporter of LGBT civil rights for years, and famously posed for a 2010 NoH8 Campaign photo shoot with her mother, Cindy McCain.

“Equality is no longer a partisan issue,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement on the organization’s website today. “For years, Meghan McCain has lent her voice and platform to spreading messages of acceptance across party lines. Now, as the American south and our heartland move closer to LGBT equality, it’s critical that we continue to build the bridges that unite us in our common ground – whether you’re republican or democrat, gay or straight.”

The two McCain women’s stance in support of equality seemingly have caused great angst in the McCain homes. Senator John McCain of course was the 2008 Republican presidential nominee who lost to Barack Obama. He still is opposed to full equality for LGBT people.

“GLAAD’s National Board of Directors bring vision, expertise, and tremendous heart to our work to rewrite the script for LGBT equality and protect all that has been accomplished,” Ellis added.

Also joining the Board are Executive Vice President, Commercial Services at Hilton Worldwide Jeff Diskin; Harvard Law School professor and venture capitalist with August Capital, David Hornik; and Managing Director at Opportunities for Women, Linda Riley.

McCain has not publicly addressed the appointment, but GLAAD’s statement describes the former McCain Blogette blogger thusly:

As the daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain, Meghan McCain was propelled into the national spotlight at an early age, involved in everything from community events to national conventions. A powerful role model for young women and Republicans alike, she passionately discusses women’s issues, social issues, and marriage equality, among other LGBT issues. In 2013, McCain launched her genre-busting docu-talk series ‘Raising McCain’ on Pivot, Participant Media’s new television network aimed at the Millennial generation. Most recently, Meghan has signed on to co-host the late night news program ‘TakePart Live’ on Pivot—a nightly live show that decodes the news stories of the day with irreverence and insight, and points viewers to related actions.

McCain’s latest book is America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom.

UPDATE: 12:35 PM EDT –


Photo: Adam Bouska |
Hat tip: Towleroad

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BJLincoln June 2, 2014 at 12:55 pm

This is a very good thing. The old GOP is dying off because of the Right Wing take over. The new GOP is against the anti-women/gay/immigrant planks. Maybe in a few years we will have a working GOP who will want to work with and for the people on important issues like they did long ago.
We need the balance of 2 parties but the old GOPers have been so busy doing nothing but trying to make the Dems and Obama look bad and sucking up to the Christian Right. The new ones are not interested in religion, are interested in getting the country back together and on track.
While I am not a GOPer, I can see the need for them.

SeanLiberty13 June 2, 2014 at 2:24 pm

I love her, but I LOATHE her political party.

golougo June 2, 2014 at 3:15 pm

GLAAD has turned into an extremist group of fringe idiot politically correct police beating anyone that disagrees with what they think is "right" over the head with their imaginary truncheon. People can no longer say what they feel for fear of losing their job, being berated publically, or being bullied like those that bullied the LGBT community. We're stronger than that and we need to let GLAAD know that they are not representative of OUR community when they bully others! We are (or were) the party of tolerance. GLADD has turned the tables and we are now known as the party of intolerance.

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