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Presidential Debate: When Is The Debate Tonight? How Do I Watch?

by David Badash on October 3, 2012

in News,Politics

Post image for Presidential Debate: When Is The Debate Tonight? How Do I Watch?

Editor’s note: For the Tuesday, October 16 debate, read: Presidential Debate: When Is The Obama Romney Debate Tonight? What’s The Best Way To Watch?


Tonight, Wednesday, October 3, 2012, is the first of three presidential debates between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.


Tonight, Wednesday, October 3, at 9:00 PM ET.


University of Denver, in Colorado.



You can watch tonight’s debate on most or all of the broadcast channels. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, PBS, and C-SPAN will all be carrying the debate live. Univision will also be carrying the debate live.

Check local listings here for channel details.


You can watch the debate live via

UStream will also be carrying a variety of formats, including PBS and CBS coverage.

C-SPAN online will also stream the debate.

NPR is offering a special debate chat and audio.

The Huffington Post is offering a debate hub with video, chat, and other features.

Hulu too.


The official Twitter hashtag is #debates

NPR is using a special #factcheck conversation.

 You can follow me live-tweeting the debate: @davidbadash. I’ll also be joining Yetta Kurland on Yetta Kurland LIVE! at 10:30 PM ET to discuss the debate.

Tonight’s debate will focus on domestic policy, so expect questions about jobs, jobs, jobs, the economy, health care, the deficit, unemployment, perhaps climate change, and probably Mitt’s 47% comments. Same-sex marriage, the war on women, and the so-called war on religion may also get some attention from the candidates, although chances are good Romney will not want to delve too deeply into them.

The debate will not run as others have. Six 15-minute segments will cover these topics, and candidates are expected to weigh in in a less formal manner.

Image: One quarter of an image via MaddowBlog, which writes:

Folks, we’re on live tonight at 8 Eastern for coverage of the first presidential debate. The debate starts at 9 Eastern, but you’ll want to be ready before that. And to help with that, Bob Staake, a genius of children’s books and New Yorker covers, posted a Presidential Debate Lingo (bingo) set.

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