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Poetry From Provincetown: Day One

by Caleb Eigsti on June 27, 2011

in Arts,Caleb Eigsti

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Editor’s note: This is part one of a five part poetry series from Provincetown.

Read part two herepart 3 here, and part 4 here.


“The Silent Chronicles”


Part I: Ending

11:16 p.m.
Dirty dishes
From a late dinner.

11:16 p.m.
Ending credits
A movie with him.

11:17 p.m.
My body pressed against his.
His arms wrapped around me, protecting me.

11:18 p.m.
My first yawn.
He laughs slightly.

11:18 p.m.
I turn my head and glare at him.
It only makes him laugh a little harder.

11:19 p.m.
He kisses me and tells me:
“I think you’re cute.”

11:20 p.m.
“I love you.” escapes his lips.
I look at our wedding rings, “You better.”

11:21 p.m.
He yawns, I laugh, and
We kiss.

11:22 p.m.
He shifts his weight and is now lying on top of me.
I look into his eyes.

11:22 p.m.
I wrap my arms around him,
He lays his head on my chest.

11:23 p.m.
I look at the television.
A black screen.

11:23 p.m.
The room falls silent.

11:25 p.m.
Our embrace comes to an end.
We shift up out of the couch.

11:25 p.m.
Both standing there, stretching,
We both yawn.

11:26 p.m.
I grab the dirty dishes,
He cleans up the living room.

11:27 p.m.
In the kitchen,
I load the dishwater.

11:28 p.m.
In the living room,
He finishes folding the blanket.

11:29 p.m.
We embrace in the hall outside the lavatory,
I kiss him. He returns the kiss.

11:29 p.m.
A night ending.
He notes that I haven’t said, I love you.

11:29 p.m.
I look at him and say:
“I will love you around 8 p.m.

11:30 p.m.
Next Wednesday.”
He laughs.

(Continues tomorrow, June 28th, with Part II: ‘Routine’)


Caleb Eigsti is an aspiring everything, everything that includes director, actor, playwright and poet that is. Eigsti graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with his bachelors in Theatre, emphasis in Directing and Acting, and moved out to New York City.

He has made is New York acting debut this summer and is finishing writing his first play. He has also written content for The New Civil Rights Movement before and is glad to be back.

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