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Post image for Racism: ‘Plot To Kidnap President’ Is A Watermelon, A Box, And String Says Tea Party Founder

Racism: ‘Plot To Kidnap President’ Is A Watermelon, A Box, And String Says Tea Party Founder

by David Badash on February 20, 2013

in News,Politics

The founder of the Montana Tea Party Patriots posted on Facebook a racist photo of a box propped over a watermelon and attached to string, with the caption, “The Secret Service just uncovered a plot to kidnap the president.” Jennifer Olsen, who shared the “joke” on Facebook, is  co-founder of Montana Shrugged: Tea Party Patriots and, amazingly, the county chair of the Montana GOP (there are only four for the entire state.)

So, just who is Jennifer Olsen?

“Jennifer Olsen, a petroleum engineer who was unemployed for years while the oil and gas  industry was booming around her was recently honored in the Billings Gazette’s annual “40 under 40″ segment,” notes the Montanafesto blog:

The newspaper mentions her many jobs, never mentioning that each employer was actually her father (Eric Olsen)  and the companies were often idle due to “government oppression” or some other excuse Jennifer and Eric Olsen used while soliciting donations to progress their political agenda.  During their long period of unemployment, Jennifer and her father founded Montana Shrugged, a “tea party” group that advocates selective federalism and operates in a divisive and dishonest manner.  Jennifer Olsen also holds the chairwoman position on the Yellowstone County Republican Central Committee.  In her free time, she files frivolous and unfounded political practices complaints and apparently scours the internet searching for racist anti-Obama material.

Daily Kos adds:

It speaks volumes that the head honcho of the GOP in Montana’s most populous county and home of its largest city would think the Obama-trap photo is a big ha-ha. But then as has become obvious over the past four years, it’s not just in Big Sky country that modern Republicans, and not all of them tea partiers, have chosen to treat the president like some uppity darkie who has no business entering the White House other than through the deliveries door.

What exactly is it with the Republicans, the Tea Party, and racism?

In October, a lynched Barack Obama effigy hanging from a tree is just a “Halloween decoration,” a California man told the Secret Service, when they knocked on his door after receiving complaints.

Two weeks before that, a Mitt Romney supporter decided to express his disdain for President Obama in a blatantly racist manner, with an empty chair, two watermelons, a noose, and a sign in his front yard saying, “Go back to Kenya.”

Last March, a federal judge who admitted sending a racist and bestiality-laden email about President Obama said he’s not a racist but sent it because he is not a fan of Obama.

And in 2011, a top California Tea Party and GOP leader refused to quit after sending a racist email with a photo depicting Obama as a monkey in a family portrait.


Image via Montanafesto


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Qwerty50 February 21, 2013 at 1:20 am

Jennifer Olsen was just caught with the exact same trap, except the bait was a chicken fried steak.

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