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Pat Robertson: ‘Socialist’ Obama Wants To ‘Cripple,’ ‘Destroy,’ ‘Take Over’ U.S.

by David Badash on December 13, 2012

in News,Religion

Post image for Pat Robertson: ‘Socialist’ Obama Wants To ‘Cripple,’ ‘Destroy,’ ‘Take Over’ U.S.

 Pat Robertson today said President Obama is a “socialist” whose agenda is to cripple, destroy, and take over America, as he’s already done with health care and as he wants to do with the financial services industry.

“The President is an ideologue,” Robertson said today on his CBN 700 Club show. “He wants to redistribute wealth and he wants to grow the size of government. He wants to absorb like an amoeba all the various—he’s already taken over a good part of health care, he wants to take over the financial services, he wants to take over everything and he wants to control it. What do you call that? It’s socialism.

“He wouldn’t admit to being a socialist but that’s what it is,” Robertson continued. “He has an agenda. Now Karl Rove was saying in an op-ed today that what the President is trying to do is set up the Republicans so they fight among themselves and therefore the party goes into disunity in the next election and Obama wins there. I don’t think he thinks that way. I think he thinks ideologically: I must cripple the capitalist class; I must cripple the business owners; I must destroy the free enterprise system in America.”

Robertson didn’t say how or why Obama wants to “cripple” and “destroy” America, and then take it over —  it seemingly would make sense to not cripple and destroy something you want to take over, since making something worthless seems, well, worthless — but Robertson has never been known to be logical.

Also, if President Obama wanted to cripple and “destroy the free enterprise system in America,” how does Robertson explain that the stock markets under Obama are up about 70 percent — one of the best performances in American history, and if the President were trying to “cripple” America, why did he save the auto industry?

Robertson, the 82-year old former televangelist who reportedly has ties to Uganda’s anti-gay movement, had claimed God told him Obama would win.

Sore loser.


Hat-tip: Right Wing Watch



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shle896 December 14, 2012 at 12:36 am

When is this doddering old bigot going to just retire already!

LetaB December 14, 2012 at 5:31 am

Pat Robertson is an ideologue. Most Americans – especially those of us who have lost our jobs and homes – want to redistribute wealth more evenly. JESUS was a socialist. Pat Robertson has an agenda. The republicans just have to do what they've been doing and they will cancel out themselves.

southside_mike December 14, 2012 at 4:19 pm

Corporate profits are at record highs and corporations have record amounts of cash on hand. The stock market has risen nearly 6000 points since 2008 and it is near its all-time high. Obama is the worst “socialist” in history

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